Ravencoin (RVN) mining pool

MinerMore is scheduled to be shut down on October 19th. Please move your rigs to a different pool, and if you have a balance of coins on this pool, please login and set a payout address so you can be paid. If you are mining to a regular wallet address, your payout will occur automatically. Thank you all for mining with MinerMore. It has been a pleasure to serve as your sysop these past few years.

Recent RVN Blocks

HeightWhenHashrateTTFRoundEffortFinderBlock DiffStatus
14573424 days ago42.39 Gh/s42 mins6 mins15.35%[email protected]_la125280.18Confirmed
14573334 days ago41.79 Gh/s43 mins50 mins115.63%[email protected]_la125580.99Confirmed
14572764 days ago42.06 Gh/s43 mins88 mins201.40%[email protected]25827.62Confirmed
14571944 days ago42.6 Gh/s47 mins8 mins18.66%[email protected]_de728172.31Confirmed
14571864 days ago41.99 Gh/s50 mins59 mins118.68%[email protected]_sf129534.5Confirmed
14571414 days ago43.14 Gh/s53 mins13 mins25.78%[email protected]_la132308.71Confirmed
14571294 days ago42.85 Gh/s51 mins91 mins178.36%[email protected]_de630759.09Confirmed
14570344 days ago43.26 Gh/s44 mins37 mins83.94%[email protected]_de627096.02Confirmed
14569855 days ago42.94 Gh/s44 mins5 mins12.38%[email protected]26983.9Confirmed
14569795 days ago43.38 Gh/s44 mins32 mins73.51%[email protected]_sf126844.89Confirmed
14569485 days ago44.63 Gh/s46 mins2 hours387.37%[email protected]_de528804.71Confirmed
14567905 days ago46.06 Gh/s47 mins88 mins187.97%[email protected]_fr230412.3Confirmed
14566935 days ago46.83 Gh/s46 mins54 mins117.54%[email protected]_la130217.47Confirmed
14566405 days ago46.44 Gh/s44 mins18 mins40.85%[email protected]_fr128879.76Confirmed
14566215 days ago47.04 Gh/s44 mins38 mins87.96%[email protected]_sf129036.96Confirmed
14565785 days ago47.15 Gh/s40 mins3 hours516.19%[email protected]_sing126918.88Confirmed
14563825 days ago46.52 Gh/s47 mins9 secs0.31%[email protected]_sf131151.26Confirmed
14563815 days ago47.47 Gh/s47 mins17 mins36.75%[email protected]_de631370.32Confirmed
14563615 days ago48.45 Gh/s46 mins28 mins62.80%[email protected]31208.76Confirmed
14563295 days ago48.31 Gh/s44 mins22 mins50.57%[email protected]_de629791.37Confirmed
14563045 days ago48.95 Gh/s42 mins91 mins215.03%[email protected]_la128967.76Confirmed
14562135 days ago50.53 Gh/s39 mins2 hours351.84%[email protected]27831.42Confirmed
14560775 days ago51.15 Gh/s42 mins101 mins241.56%[email protected]_sf130152.09Confirmed
14559835 days ago51.3 Gh/s42 mins31 mins74.58%[email protected]30453.44Confirmed
14559485 days ago49.83 Gh/s42 mins12 mins28.40%[email protected]_de729622.23Confirmed
14559305 days ago50.54 Gh/s41 mins2 hours427.15%[email protected]_fr229354.95Confirmed
14557545 days ago51.2 Gh/s42 mins6 mins15.83%[email protected]_la130347.8Confirmed
14557475 days ago51.34 Gh/s42 mins26 mins62.86%[email protected]_de730260.65Confirmed
14557275 days ago50.64 Gh/s43 mins22 mins52.39%[email protected]_la130637.06Confirmed
14557075 days ago51.12 Gh/s43 mins50 mins116.86%[email protected]_sing131144.91Confirmed
14556505 days ago50.68 Gh/s40 mins40 mins101.67%[email protected]28323.57Confirmed
14556015 days ago50.48 Gh/s39 mins2 mins6.23%[email protected]_sf127727.52Confirmed
14555985 days ago50.62 Gh/s39 mins19 mins50.31%[email protected]_fr228088.7Confirmed
14555826 days ago49.98 Gh/s41 mins2 mins5.16%[email protected]_fr229069.91Confirmed
14555766 days ago49.9 Gh/s41 mins25 mins63.27%[email protected]_sf128596.76Confirmed
14555536 days ago49.76 Gh/s39 mins13 mins33.12%[email protected]_fr227566.19Confirmed
14555406 days ago49.48 Gh/s38 mins77 mins199.91%[email protected]_sf126860.74Confirmed
14554616 days ago48.85 Gh/s40 mins68 mins171.21%[email protected]_fr227385.67Confirmed
14553826 days ago48.02 Gh/s37 mins50 mins132.10%[email protected]25425.16Confirmed
14553446 days ago48.39 Gh/s40 mins7 mins19.64%[email protected]27203.36Confirmed
14553376 days ago48.91 Gh/s39 mins3 mins7.55%[email protected]_sf127290.99Confirmed
14553336 days ago48.22 Gh/s40 mins53 mins131.26%[email protected]_la127302.48Confirmed
14552776 days ago47.46 Gh/s41 mins34 mins82.62%[email protected]_de727664.23Confirmed
14552426 days ago47.56 Gh/s41 mins50 mins121.95%[email protected]27406.55Confirmed
14551976 days ago47 Gh/s41 mins42 mins102.79%[email protected]_sf127419.37Confirmed
14551576 days ago48.29 Gh/s41 mins55 mins133.53%[email protected]27997.53Confirmed
14550946 days ago46.96 Gh/s40 mins53 mins131.36%[email protected]_sf126817.46Confirmed
14550376 days ago45.88 Gh/s42 mins11 mins28.08%[email protected]27164.15Confirmed
14550306 days ago45.9 Gh/s43 mins36 mins83.32%[email protected]28070.64Confirmed
14549986 days ago48.09 Gh/s43 mins2 hours294.88%[email protected]29559.39Confirmed