Q: What pool software are you running at MinerMore?

MinerMore was developed entirely from the ground up by Traysi. The website for MinerMore is written in PHP and the stratum server software is written in NodeJS and is based on the excellent stratum-pool module.

Q: How do you mitigate against DDOS attacks and keep the service reliable?

Like everyone else, our website is protected behind CloudFlare. Our stratum servers were developed in-house and the code is not publicized. Newly discovered vulnerabilities to other stratum servers (such as yiimp or NOMP) probably do not affect MinerMore. Our architecture is designed in such a way that we have dozens of active stratum servers alive at all times. If some or most fall offline, others remain up and ready for miners. We encourage miners to mine to their region's stratum pool, with a failover to the next closest region. If the website and/or pool backend goes down for any reason, mining will continue to work and the payouts will eventually be able to be processed. All mining information (shares, blocks, etc) are stored locally on each remote stratum server and given to the block processing and payouts backend when the latter becomes available.

Q: Where are your servers located?

For our popular coins like Ravencoin and Ritocoin, we maintain stratum servers located all over the world, each running on inexpensive VPS machines. These stratum servers communicate with miners to give jobs, and they collect and store shares locally, periodically submitting those shares up to a centralized database server where they are combined with all other stratums in order to appropriately distribute the rewards from all blocks found. We are truly a global mining pool. If we lack stratums in your region, let us know and we'll consider adding more in your area. Some of our less popular coins that only have a handful of miners at a time only get one stratum server. For coins like that, it's possible that they may have outages. 100% pool reliability is a priority only for coins that have dozens or more workers at a time.

Q: What payout reward type do you use?

All payouts on MinerMore use PPLNS - Pay Per Last N Shares. Similar to proportional, but instead of considering shares in a round, it considers shares in a window going backwards through a window the size of our block time to find. Shares are also weighted according to the difficulty of the block being worked mined. Full technical details of how our PPLNS works can be found on our "Payouts Explained".

Q: Do you have any mobile apps for monitoring my miners?

If you have an Android phone and would like to monitor your MinerMore account, we recommend the CheckPool Mining Pool Monitor app. They worked with us to make their app work with our API. The app connects to your MinerMore wallet and monitors your earnings and hashrate. It also has a worker offline notification, as well as a hashrate reduction notification. It's a nice looking app that seems to work well.

Q: What's your pool fee?

The default pool fee is 1%. Some coins have a lower fee, some have no fee. If the fee is different than 1% this will be stated on that coin's dashboard.

Q: Will you support BEAM or other non-standard coins?

MinerMore currently only supports coins that are based on bitcoin. More specifically, our stratums are programmed to rely on RPC calls such as getblocktemplate, submitblock and so forth. If a coin does not have this sort of standard interface, we will not be able to support it. Examples of coins like this include BEAM and Grin.

Q: How do I request a coin to be listed?

Fill out our new coin request form and we'll consider it. Some coins we add for free and others we request a payment from the coin team, paid in RITO. You can also join our discord and post your proposal to our #new-coins channel. Requests by our regular miners are given priority.

Q: Can you recommend a nice monitoring dashboard system for miners?

Check out minerstat. They are friends and supporters of MinerMore. They offer a stack of solutions for miners: crypto mining OS, Windows GUI miner, and ASIC monitoring and management software. Minerstat offers all the features you need in one dashboard.
  • Detailed overview of your whole mining activity;
  • Automatic and customized watchdogs;
  • Smart alerts on e-mail, Telegram, or mobile app;
  • Overclocking, Vega autotune, RXBOOST, and AMD Memory Tweak;
  • Profit switch between coins and multi-algo pools (such as Mining Pool Hub, NiceHash, zpool, and others);
  • Control room;
  • Logs and real-time diagnostic;
  • Users management, powerful API, and white label solution for mining managers.
    You can register using our pool page at this link right here.