MinerMore Mining Pool

Traysi's recommendation:
CoinTTFLastPool Hash
Ravencoin (RVN)4 hours6 hours71.82 Gh/s
Ritocoin (RITO)2 mins3 mins4.98 Gh/s
SafeCoin (SAFE)33 mins13 mins896.77 sols

Traysi's recommendation:
CoinTTFLastPool Hash
Snowgem (XSG)3 hours100 mins324.42 sols
Testnet RVN (RVNt)4 mins8 mins2.67 Mh/s
Ycash (YEC)-9 days-

Other coins
CoinTTFLastPool Hash
XRD (XRD)3 mins82 secs6.84 Gh/s
Mynt (MYNT)35 secs25 secs790.99 Mh/s
Vidulum (VDL)3 mins5 mins946.92 sols
Yenten (YTN)12 hours8 hours1.29 kh/s
Pigeoncoin (PGN)46 hours9 hours32.53 Mh/s
Stonecoin (STONE)117 mins13 mins1.89 Mh/s
Help the Homeless (HTH)-29 hours-
MAGI (XMG)-6 days-
Pexa (PEXA)34 mins2 hours330.44 Mh/s

We make payouts to all miners in nearly real time using PPLNS. You can mine to a wallet address or your username on the site. Unless otherwise specified, every coin here has a 1% pool fee.

Need an address for Ravencoin mining, but don't want to install the node? Make your own secure and private web wallet at PocketRaven.com.

Why MinerMore?

MinerMore was launched to provide reliable mining service to the Ravencoin community, and has since expanded to support other altcoins. We desire to be a part of a larger healthy ecosystem of mining pools, and we believe that any cryptocurrency network is best served when there are a good number of pools all contributing healthy amounts of hashpower to the network overall.

The goals of MinerMore:

1) Reliability. We understand that mining is expensive. There are power and equipment costs to consider, and we respect the resources that are being used to mine for coins on our pool. Our #1 priority is to ensure the maximum uptime of our service.

2) Performance. We want to provide the highest level of performance to our users, and that means situating servers around the world and maximizing the strength of our network, decreasing network latency and maintaining healthy connections to the coin network.

3) Reliable Payments: We will pay our miners as often as possible, while maintaining as small of a wallet balance as possible, to prevent being seen as a target for thieves. Our desire is to pay out as soon as possible as soon as our balance matures.

4) Security: We want to use the operation of MinerMore to continue to increase our understanding of how attacks against pools occur. We do not believe that any system can be fully secure against attacks, but we do have experience with attack mitigation and we believe we can make valuable contributions to the mining community through the information we gain by operating this pool. Keeping our pool secure and architected to be hardened against attack is an important component of our service.

5) Communication: We welcome our users to converse directly with us. The best means to do so is through our discord page.

6) Respect: We know our users have a choice as to where to mine for coins, and we are grateful when they choose us. We will honor their choice by treating them with same kind of care we would want.