Ritocoin (RITO) mining pool

MinerMore is scheduled to be shut down on October 19th. Please move your rigs to a different pool, and if you have a balance of coins on this pool, please login and set a payout address so you can be paid. If you are mining to a regular wallet address, your payout will occur automatically. Thank you all for mining with MinerMore. It has been a pleasure to serve as your sysop these past few years.

Recent RITO Blocks

HeightWhenHashrateTTFRoundEffortFinderBlock DiffStatus
98606484 mins ago322.48 Mh/s4 mins5 mins106.46%[email protected]22.13Immature (62)
98606089 mins ago370.08 Mh/s4 mins7 mins168.09%[email protected]22.18Immature (66)
98605596 mins ago370.91 Mh/s4 mins65 secs25.79%[email protected]21.8Immature (71)
98605498 mins ago360.62 Mh/s4 mins63 secs24.51%[email protected]21.59Immature (72)
98605399 mins ago358.73 Mh/s4 mins21 secs8.14%[email protected]21.6Immature (73)
98605299 mins ago365.17 Mh/s4 mins65 secs25.69%[email protected]21.57Immature (74)
986050100 mins ago371.38 Mh/s4 mins6 mins145.97%[email protected]21.48Immature (76)
986045106 mins ago392.19 Mh/s3 mins3 mins96.55%[email protected]21.27Immature (81)
986040110 mins ago414.06 Mh/s3 mins28 secs12.79%[email protected]21.16Immature (86)
986038110 mins ago416.55 Mh/s3 mins104 secs48.15%[email protected]21.01Immature (88)
986037112 mins ago413.64 Mh/s3 mins3 mins107.76%[email protected]21.15Immature (89)
986034116 mins ago422.81 Mh/s3 mins5 mins165.71%[email protected]20.71Immature (92)
9860312 hours ago418 Mh/s3 mins5 mins150.00%[email protected]20.72Immature (95)
9860262 hours ago374.11 Mh/s3 mins67 secs29.00%[email protected]20.17Immature (100)
9860252 hours ago373.07 Mh/s3 mins2 mins53.88%[email protected]20.18Confirmed
9860222 hours ago374.5 Mh/s3 mins47 secs20.35%[email protected]20.22Confirmed
9860212 hours ago378.15 Mh/s3 mins2 mins58.08%[email protected]20.22Confirmed
9860172 hours ago396.3 Mh/s3 mins2 mins61.93%[email protected]20.17Confirmed
9860132 hours ago390.12 Mh/s3 mins14 mins381.00%[email protected]20.11Confirmed
9859932 hours ago385.17 Mh/s3 mins2 mins80.54%[email protected]19.88Confirmed
9859902 hours ago390.57 Mh/s3 mins7 mins205.71%[email protected]19.17Confirmed
9859832 hours ago376.18 Mh/s3 mins2 mins71.95%[email protected]19.38Confirmed
9859812 hours ago391.05 Mh/s3 mins10 mins299.08%[email protected]19.82Confirmed
9859642 hours ago379.42 Mh/s3 mins2 mins78.64%[email protected]18.25Confirmed
9859632 hours ago363.24 Mh/s3 mins8 mins247.00%[email protected]18.39Confirmed
9859563 hours ago384.61 Mh/s3 mins4 mins137.38%[email protected]18.5Confirmed
9859533 hours ago416.61 Mh/s3 mins10 mins310.82%[email protected]18.86Confirmed
9859423 hours ago400.03 Mh/s3 mins5 mins153.73%[email protected]18.74Confirmed
9859343 hours ago393 Mh/s3 mins3 mins99.51%[email protected]18.76Confirmed
9859283 hours ago410.94 Mh/s3 mins68 secs34.87%[email protected]18.7Confirmed
9859273 hours ago390.04 Mh/s3 mins2 mins69.95%[email protected]18.44Confirmed
9859243 hours ago366.73 Mh/s3 mins62 secs28.84%[email protected]18.42Confirmed
9859233 hours ago363.86 Mh/s3 mins21 secs9.72%[email protected]18.33Confirmed
9859223 hours ago366.86 Mh/s3 mins5 secs2.34%[email protected]18.35Confirmed
9859213 hours ago366.34 Mh/s3 mins21 secs9.81%[email protected]18.26Confirmed
9859203 hours ago370.83 Mh/s3 mins28 secs13.27%[email protected]18.24Confirmed
9859193 hours ago368.85 Mh/s3 mins2 mins80.95%[email protected]18.08Confirmed
9859113 hours ago367.5 Mh/s3 mins2 mins83.50%[email protected]17.71Confirmed
9859093 hours ago385.73 Mh/s3 mins95 secs48.47%[email protected]17.65Confirmed
9859073 hours ago373.08 Mh/s3 mins2 mins64.71%[email protected]17.78Confirmed
9859023 hours ago356.9 Mh/s3 mins24 secs11.37%[email protected]17.54Confirmed
9859013 hours ago347.8 Mh/s3 mins7 mins194.91%[email protected]17.54Confirmed
9858953 hours ago342.1 Mh/s3 mins6 mins188.13%[email protected]17.49Confirmed
9858873 hours ago371.13 Mh/s3 mins7 mins214.15%[email protected]17.79Confirmed
9858834 hours ago363.58 Mh/s3 mins4 mins128.91%[email protected]17.93Confirmed
9858794 hours ago392.69 Mh/s3 mins2 mins64.10%[email protected]17.9Confirmed
9858774 hours ago402.73 Mh/s3 mins2 mins90.58%[email protected]17.93Confirmed
9858754 hours ago402.31 Mh/s3 mins4 mins128.21%[email protected]18.3Confirmed
9858714 hours ago402.6 Mh/s3 mins5 mins154.36%[email protected]18.33Confirmed
9858684 hours ago400.38 Mh/s3 mins2 mins73.87%[email protected]18.6Confirmed