Ravencoin Spring 2020 fork FAQ

What is the Ravencoin fork?

Ravencoin will be changing its mining algorithm in April, 2020 (exact date not yet chosen). We will be forking to a progpow variant called kawpow. The intention of the algorithm change is to continue our attempts to prevent continued ASIC domination on the Ravencoin network and to level the playing field for GPUs mining this coin. This is the 3rd algo that Ravencoin has implemented, and replaces X16Rv2 which replaced X16R.

Will I earn more RVN from mining after the fork?

Assuming the ASICs are successfully repelled from the network, yes. The higher the hash on a network, the more spread out the rewards are. If ASICs are mining with 98% of the network hashrate, then they are taking 98% of the rewards, leaving the meager remainder for those who are mining with GPUs and FPGAs. If all ASICs are removed from the network, then all the rewards go to the miners who remain. Having said that, the loss of the ASICs will drive difficulty down rapidly, which will cause Ravencoin profitability to increase, which will bring in additional GPU miners back onto the network. That will in turn drive difficulty higher again, which will reduce the profits to all miners. This is standard behavior of all Proof of Work blockchains. It would be a very successful outcome if more GPU miners return to Ravencoin.

As a miner, what do I need to do to prepare for the fork?

You will need to install a new miner. As of March 30th, the only open source option is kawpowminer and the proprietary option is gminer 2.04 (2% dev fee).

After you have added your new miner software, you can update your cmd/bat/script file to instruct it to use the new connection. The connection line looks something like:

kawpowminer -U -P stratum+tcp://[email protected]:4505


gminer --algo kawpow --server rvnt.minermore.com:4505 --user username.worker

When the fork time arrives, you will need to stop mining x16rv2 and switch over to kawpow.

In mid April, when the fork occurs, what do I need to do?

You will need to manually stop mining at (time and date to be determined) and update your script to change to the new miner and parameters, and then reconnect. If you are running a desktop wallet, you will also need to update that in order to stay on the right chain. Just make sure you are using at least release of Ravencoin. Assuming all goes well, around the fork time the new algo will come into effect and we will start mining with the new algo. For a brief window of time, it is possible that both algos may be mining the network blocks, but that will quickly give way to 100% kawpow hashing.

Is there an AMD miner program available yet?

Yes!! kawpow will bring AMD miners back into the Ravencoin flock because unlike x16r, kawpow works pretty close to equally well between nvidia and AMD. kawpowminer uses opencl and should work fine with AMD. Some other miner devs are currently working to add kawpow to their miner software, as well.

Can I test this right now?

Yes, our testnet is activated with kawpow. You can mine it by visiting this page. If you want to run a testnet node, be sure you are using the develop branch of Ravencoin.

I run a pool and would like to add Ravencoin/kawpow to my stratum

Traysi has written and released an open source implementation of the node-stratum-pool nodejs module for kawpow. This should be all you need to add this coin to your pool.

I have more questions that were not addressed here.

Traysi and others are happy to answer any other questions you have. Please join the Ravencoin and MinerMore groups and ask away.