Free Testnet RVN (RVNt) mining pool

Pool Hash0h/s
Net Hash653.87 kh/s
TTF2 mins
Block678238 (Difficulty: 0.0093391272451278)
Pool Fee:10% for RVNt
Import note:Be aware that testnet coins have no value. This chain is only for testing Ravencoin.
Connectkawpowminer -U -P stratum+tcp://<wallet>[email protected]:4505
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Pool Hash Rate for Testnet RVN

Symbol: RVNt
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Recent RVNt Blocks

HeightWhenHashrateTTFRoundEffortFinderBlock DiffStatus
6739663 days ago1.38 Mh/s92 secs26 secs28.26%[email protected]_tx10.03Confirmed
6739653 days ago1.34 Mh/s95 secs119 secs125.26%[email protected]_tx10.03Confirmed
6739643 days ago1.37 Mh/s93 secs23 secs24.73%[email protected]_tx10.03Confirmed
6739633 days ago1.38 Mh/s92 secs4 secs4.35%[email protected]_tx10.03Confirmed
6739623 days ago1.36 Mh/s93 secs64 secs68.82%[email protected]_tx10.03Confirmed
6739613 days ago1.43 Mh/s89 secs23 secs25.84%[email protected]_tx10.03Confirmed
6739603 days ago1.43 Mh/s89 secs54 secs60.67%[email protected]_tx10.03Confirmed
6739593 days ago1.41 Mh/s89 secs15 secs16.85%[email protected]_tx10.03Confirmed
6739583 days ago1.4 Mh/s90 secs98 secs108.89%[email protected]_tx10.03Confirmed
6739573 days ago1.43 Mh/s88 secs90 secs102.27%[email protected]_tx10.03Confirmed
6739563 days ago1.4 Mh/s90 secs1 sec1.11%[email protected]_tx10.03Confirmed
6739553 days ago1.4 Mh/s90 secs33 secs36.67%[email protected]_tx10.03Confirmed
6739543 days ago1.38 Mh/s91 secs95 secs104.40%[email protected]_tx10.03Confirmed
6739533 days ago1.39 Mh/s91 secs53 secs58.24%[email protected]_tx10.03Confirmed
6739523 days ago1.49 Mh/s85 secs100 secs117.65%[email protected]_tx10.03Confirmed
6739503 days ago1.62 Mh/s77 secs15 secs19.48%[email protected]_tx10.03Confirmed
6739493 days ago1.62 Mh/s76 secs18 secs23.68%[email protected]_tx10.03Confirmed
6739483 days ago1.54 Mh/s80 secs14 secs17.50%[email protected]_tx10.03Confirmed
6739473 days ago1.55 Mh/s80 secs48 secs60.00%[email protected]_tx10.03Confirmed
6739463 days ago1.56 Mh/s79 secs1 sec1.27%[email protected]_tx10.03Confirmed
6739453 days ago1.55 Mh/s79 secs26 secs32.91%[email protected]_tx10.03Confirmed
6739443 days ago1.54 Mh/s80 secs57 secs71.25%[email protected]_tx10.03Confirmed
6739433 days ago1.49 Mh/s83 secs2 mins165.06%[email protected]_tx10.03Confirmed
6739423 days ago1.49 Mh/s84 secs2 mins169.05%[email protected]_tx10.03Confirmed
6739413 days ago1.31 Mh/s95 secs29 secs30.53%[email protected]_tx10.03Confirmed
6739393 days ago1.31 Mh/s96 secs2 secs2.08%[email protected]_tx10.03Confirmed
6739383 days ago1.29 Mh/s96 secs46 secs47.92%[email protected]_tx10.03Confirmed
6739373 days ago1.16 Mh/s107 secs2 mins114.02%[email protected]_tx10.03Confirmed
6739353 days ago1.13 Mh/s109 secs1 sec0.92%[email protected]_tx10.03Confirmed
6739343 days ago1.09 Mh/s114 secs75 secs65.79%[email protected]_tx10.03Confirmed
6739333 days ago1.22 Mh/s102 secs90 secs88.24%[email protected]_tx10.03Confirmed
6739323 days ago1.36 Mh/s91 secs4 mins271.43%[email protected]_tx10.03Confirmed
6739293 days ago1.56 Mh/s80 secs6 mins505.00%[email protected]_tx10.03Confirmed
6739263 days ago1.47 Mh/s87 secs38 secs43.68%[email protected]_tx10.03Confirmed
6739253 days ago1.45 Mh/s88 secs13 secs14.77%[email protected]_tx10.03Confirmed
6739243 days ago1.47 Mh/s89 secs3 mins221.35%[email protected]_tx10.03Confirmed
6739233 days ago1.27 Mh/s103 secs105 secs101.94%[email protected]_tx10.03Confirmed
6739223 days ago1.36 Mh/s96 secs24 secs25.00%[email protected]_tx10.03Confirmed
6739213 days ago1.36 Mh/s94 secs2 secs2.13%[email protected]_tx10.03Confirmed
6739203 days ago1.34 Mh/s95 secs22 secs23.16%[email protected]_tx10.03Confirmed
6739193 days ago1.31 Mh/s99 secs2 mins156.57%[email protected]_tx10.03Confirmed
6739183 days ago1.34 Mh/s98 secs4 mins264.29%[email protected]_tx10.03Confirmed
6739163 days ago1.42 Mh/s92 secs54 secs58.70%[email protected]_tx10.03Confirmed
6739153 days ago1.49 Mh/s88 secs30 secs34.09%[email protected]_tx10.03Confirmed
6739143 days ago1.49 Mh/s87 secs54 secs62.07%[email protected]_tx10.03Confirmed
6739133 days ago1.43 Mh/s91 secs2 secs2.20%[email protected]_tx10.03Confirmed
6739123 days ago1.42 Mh/s92 secs77 secs83.70%[email protected]_tx10.03Confirmed
6739103 days ago1.42 Mh/s90 secs90 secs100.00%[email protected]_tx10.03Confirmed
6739083 days ago1.34 Mh/s95 secs2 mins188.42%[email protected]_tx10.03Confirmed
6739073 days ago1.36 Mh/s95 secs2 mins167.37%[email protected]_tx10.03Confirmed

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