Zelcash (ZEL) mining pool

Pool Hash0 sol/s
Net Hash450.2 k sol/s
TTF21 hours
Block186872 (Difficulty: 6,117)
Connectewbf --algo 144_5 --pers ZelProof --server pool.minermore.com --port 4507 --user <wallet>.worker --pass x --pec --fee 0

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24 Hour Pool Hash Rate for Zelcash

Symbol: ZEL
BTC: 0.00001152

Recent ZEL Blocks

HeightWhenHashrateTTFRoundEffortFinderBlock DiffStatus
17957710 days ago337.8h/s31 hours16 hours53.78%t1Q4Jfn5ftBkMr1...4619.32Confirmed
17908110 days ago331h/s32 hours15 mins0.79%!!! t1Q4Jfn5ftBkMr1...4746.64Confirmed
17907110 days ago1.2 kh/s8 hours6 hours69.35%t1Q4Jfn5ftBkMr1...4509.35Confirmed
17888411 days ago981.4h/s8 hours41 hours462.18%traysi...3867.83Confirmed
17764812 days ago339.1h/s27 hours13 hours50.92%t1Q4Jfn5ftBkMr1...4082.54Confirmed
17723213 days ago325.3h/s29 hours26 hours89.78%t1Q4Jfn5ftBkMr1...4281.01Confirmed
1764202 weeks ago297.6h/s26 hours76 mins4.82%!!! t1Q4Jfn5ftBkMr1...3450.42Confirmed
1763872 weeks ago336.2h/s27 hours4 hours15.19%!! t1Q4Jfn5ftBkMr1...4045.02Confirmed
1762612 weeks ago339.9h/s23 hours13 hours55.28%t1Q4Jfn5ftBkMr1...3569.72Confirmed
1758752 weeks ago326.5h/s32 hours75 mins3.93%!!! t1Q4Jfn5ftBkMr1...4590.96Confirmed
1758362 weeks ago311.1h/s32 hours110 mins5.67%!!! t1Q4Jfn5ftBkMr1...4437.75Confirmed
1757802 weeks ago1 kh/s9 hours4 hours43.16% !t1Q4Jfn5ftBkMr1...4310.58Confirmed
1756542 weeks ago1.5 kh/s6 hours3 hours59.90%t1YNk9WLGqmCrBV...3900.77Confirmed
1755492 weeks ago1.4 kh/s7 hours80 mins18.90%!! t1YNk9WLGqmCrBV...4442.51Confirmed
1755102 weeks ago1.4 kh/s7 hours59 mins14.05%!! t1YNk9WLGqmCrBV...4458.8Confirmed
1754802 weeks ago1.4 kh/s7 hours29 mins6.82%!!! t1YNk9WLGqmCrBV...4511.21Confirmed
1754652 weeks ago1.4 kh/s7 hours9 hours126.70%t1YNk9WLGqmCrBV...4431.75Confirmed
1752022 weeks ago1.4 kh/s7 hours115 mins24.78%!! t1Q4Jfn5ftBkMr1...4752.62Confirmed
1751422 weeks ago1.3 kh/s7 hours29 mins6.94%!!! t1YNk9WLGqmCrBV...4185.87Confirmed
1751262 weeks ago1.4 kh/s6 hours2 hours44.10% !t1YNk9WLGqmCrBV...4036.87Confirmed
1750402 weeks ago1.4 kh/s6 hours45 mins12.07%!! t1YNk9WLGqmCrBV...4003.51Confirmed
1750142 weeks ago1.4 kh/s5 hours2 hours51.66%t1YNk9WLGqmCrBV...3578.19Confirmed
1749252 weeks ago1.2 kh/s6 hours15 hours228.31%t1Q4Jfn5ftBkMr1...3486.81Confirmed
1744622 weeks ago1.4 kh/s6 hours10 hours167.01%t1YNk9WLGqmCrBV...4097.71Confirmed
1741342 weeks ago1.4 kh/s6 hours48 years7002309.45%t1YNk9WLGqmCrBV...3624.27Confirmed

This is MinerMore 3.0! This new pool has been in development all summer long and was launched on Friday, September 28th. It is an entirely new pool, written from the ground up, and has a tremendous amount of new features. Where's the old stuff? We started over, so if you want to see your previous payouts from before this re-launch, you can still access the old pool website at mm2.minermore.com