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MinerMore update concerning XRD

XRD was scheduled to fork to a new algo at 01:00 UTC on November 16th, and MM was updated and ready to go. 5 minutes before the appointed time of the fork, the XRD dev notified the community with a @everyone tag that they should NOT be running the updated wallet. Their #announcements channel had no mention of a postponement of the fork, so I requested verification from the dev and was told that there is a bug with the masternode activation and that they needed to postpone the fork until they can fix that.

As this conversation was happening, the fork time came and was activated on MM, causing us to go off the main chain. I am downgrading the pool daemon back down to an older version so we can get back on the right chain for payouts, but mining is disabled for now.

If you have a balance on the pool, please set a payout address as soon as possible so I can send you the coins you mined.

This coin is not currently enabled for mining on MinerMore.

Pool Hash0h/s
Net Hash35.66 Gh/s
Block422435 (Difficulty: 499)
Connect-a x16r -o stratum+tcp://xrd.minermore.com:4552 -u <wallet>.worker -p x
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48 Hour Pool Hash Rate for XRD

Recent XRD Blocks

HeightWhenHashrateTTFRoundEffortFinderBlock DiffStatus
4223512 months ago1.41 Gh/s22 mins14 mins62.73%[email protected]453.81Immature (85)
4223372 months ago1.76 Gh/s18 mins59 secs5.32%!!! [email protected]453.93Immature (99)
4223362 months ago1.71 Gh/s18 mins11 mins60.51%[email protected]448.86Immature (100)
4223242 months ago1.45 Gh/s22 mins95 mins423.57%[email protected]456.42Confirmed
4222342 months ago1.41 Gh/s28 mins11 mins40.19% ![email protected]566.06Confirmed
4222292 months ago17.63 Gh/s2 mins6 mins247.33%[email protected]616.42Confirmed
4222232 months ago36.54 Gh/s75 secs88 secs117.33%[email protected]646.1Confirmed
4222212 months ago38.12 Gh/s68 secs1 sec1.47%!!! [email protected]610.39Confirmed
4222202 months ago38.08 Gh/s69 secs74 secs107.25%[email protected]612.62Confirmed
4222192 months ago35.47 Gh/s73 secs11 secs15.07%!! [email protected]603.49Confirmed
4222182 months ago34.94 Gh/s74 secs88 secs118.92%[email protected]602.29Confirmed
4222172 months ago28.56 Gh/s89 secs48 secs53.93%[email protected]598.06Confirmed
4222152 months ago25.41 Gh/s101 secs96 secs95.05%[email protected]600.78Confirmed
4222142 months ago20.72 Gh/s2 mins3 mins155.74%[email protected]592.3Confirmed
4222122 months ago9.74 Gh/s4 mins9 secs3.40%!!! [email protected]602.93Confirmed
4222112 months ago9.39 Gh/s4 mins71 secs25.54%!! [email protected]609.8Confirmed
4222102 months ago4.06 Gh/s10 mins3 mins34.71% ![email protected]594.02Confirmed
4222032 months ago5.69 Gh/s6 mins8 mins127.27%[email protected]539.2Confirmed
4221942 months ago20.08 Gh/s119 secs2 mins101.68%[email protected]557.22Confirmed
4221932 months ago21.87 Gh/s107 secs17 secs15.89%!! [email protected]549.22Confirmed
4221922 months ago21.7 Gh/s106 secs111 secs104.72%[email protected]538.52Confirmed
4221902 months ago24.49 Gh/s99 secs3 mins197.98%[email protected]565.32Confirmed
4221872 months ago30.62 Gh/s76 secs3 mins243.42%[email protected]545.46Confirmed
4221852 months ago28.6 Gh/s83 secs8 secs9.64%!!! [email protected]558.05Confirmed
4221842 months ago28.73 Gh/s83 secs101 secs121.69%[email protected]557.49Confirmed
4221832 months ago27.27 Gh/s88 secs59 secs67.05%[email protected]561.56Confirmed
4221822 months ago26.13 Gh/s90 secs2 mins173.33%[email protected]551.42Confirmed
4221802 months ago25.82 Gh/s93 secs30 secs32.26% ![email protected]564.76Confirmed
4221792 months ago25.68 Gh/s95 secs112 secs117.89%[email protected]573.1Confirmed
4221772 months ago25.12 Gh/s92 secs4 secs4.35%!!! [email protected]543.59Confirmed
4221762 months ago25.14 Gh/s90 secs19 secs21.11%!! [email protected]528.49Confirmed
4221752 months ago24.92 Gh/s96 secs2 mins183.33%[email protected]559.86Confirmed
4221732 months ago25.29 Gh/s93 secs69 secs74.19%[email protected]552.1Confirmed
4221722 months ago24.23 Gh/s98 secs81 secs82.65%[email protected]555.21Confirmed
4221712 months ago20.57 Gh/s112 secs16 secs14.29%!! [email protected]538.07Confirmed
4221702 months ago19.12 Gh/s119 secs46 secs38.66% ![email protected]533.83Confirmed
4221682 months ago17.05 Gh/s2 mins3 mins143.80%[email protected]545.5Confirmed
4221652 months ago10.17 Gh/s3 mins42 secs19.27%!! [email protected]516.86Confirmed
4221632 months ago8.41 Gh/s4 mins31 secs12.20%!! [email protected]498.66Confirmed
4221622 months ago3.15 Gh/s11 mins30 mins272.09%[email protected]491.3Confirmed
4221312 months ago4.48 Gh/s7 mins12 mins151.67%[email protected]499.55Confirmed
4221232 months ago20.36 Gh/s2 mins3 mins164.00%[email protected]595.95Confirmed
4221222 months ago19.67 Gh/s2 mins107 secs81.68%[email protected]602.1Confirmed
4221202 months ago19.78 Gh/s2 mins2 mins120.90%[email protected]621.27Confirmed
4221192 months ago19.66 Gh/s2 mins48 secs36.09% ![email protected]611.09Confirmed
4221172 months ago18.97 Gh/s2 mins68 secs50.37%[email protected]598.87Confirmed
4221162 months ago18.51 Gh/s2 mins11 secs8.09%!!! [email protected]587.99Confirmed
4221152 months ago18.62 Gh/s2 mins4 mins179.85%[email protected]584.05Confirmed
4221102 months ago20 Gh/s2 mins112 secs88.89%[email protected]588.62Confirmed
4221092 months ago19.34 Gh/s2 mins32 secs24.81%!! [email protected]583.82Confirmed

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