MAGI (XMG) mining pool

Delisting soon

In an effort to simplify the MinerMore operations, we are reducing the number of coins we offer for mining. MAGI will be delisted from MinerMore in early February, 2020. Please discontinue mining as soon as possible and set a withdraw address so you can get paid your earnings.

This coin is not currently enabled for mining on MinerMore.

Pool Hash0h/s
Net Hash76.45 Mh/s
TTF76 secs
Block2515795 (Difficulty: 4.48707672)
Connectcpuminer -a m7m -o stratum+tcp:// -u <wallet>.worker -p x
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48 Hour Pool Hash Rate for MAGI

Symbol: XMG
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BTC: 0.00000223

Recent XMG Blocks

HeightWhenHashrateTTFRoundEffortFinderBlock DiffStatus
25129793 weeks ago99.95 kh/s2 days10 hours20.05%!! [email protected]4.42Confirmed
25124763 weeks ago142.4 kh/s2 days85 mins2.96%!!! [email protected]5.77Confirmed
25124043 weeks ago----[email protected]1.76Orphan
25116653 weeks ago135.43 kh/s27 hours9 hours35.94% ![email protected]3.16Confirmed
25112723 weeks ago139.16 kh/s35 hours8 hours24.45%!! [email protected]4.14Orphan
25109304 weeks ago147.28 kh/s12 hours10 hours89.72%[email protected]1.49Confirmed
25105014 weeks ago149.2 kh/s34 hours22 hours65.66%[email protected]4.29Confirmed
25095724 weeks ago205.12 kh/s37 hours8 hours23.30%!! [email protected]6.4Confirmed
25091744 weeks ago67.94 kh/s2 days14 hours24.13%!! [email protected]3.31Confirmed
25085584 weeks ago78.75 kh/s41 hours5 days301.92%[email protected]2.72Confirmed
25036275 weeks ago303.59 kh/s6 hours2 hours37.97% ![email protected]1.57Confirmed
25035235 weeks ago300.02 kh/s14 hours3 hours25.44%!! [email protected]3.54Confirmed
25033565 weeks ago303.99 kh/s14 hours10 hours70.71%[email protected]3.62Confirmed
25028575 weeks ago291.5 kh/s20 hours9 days1123.51%[email protected]5.11Confirmed
24935186 weeks ago45.52 kh/s38 hours22 hours57.66%[email protected]1.49Confirmed
24926006 weeks ago56.65 kh/s33 hours39 hours120.78%[email protected]1.57Confirmed
24908436 weeks ago49.55 kh/s2 days6 days256.19%[email protected]2.46Confirmed
24843427 weeks ago155.51 kh/s14 hours2 days507.05%[email protected]1.84Confirmed
24813028 weeks ago206.3 kh/s17 hours2 days404.63%[email protected]3.04Confirmed
24783982 months ago232.42 kh/s15 hours2 days333.32%[email protected]2.98Confirmed
24762662 months ago85.44 kh/s43 hours5 days308.76%[email protected]3.11Confirmed
24700942 months ago25.64 kh/s4 days37 hours33.67% ![email protected]2.4Confirmed
24682872 months ago15.24 kh/s2 weeks4 days34.66% ![email protected]4.34Confirmed
24625672 months ago19.12 kh/s8 days6 days69.82%[email protected]3.3Confirmed
24557022 months ago21 kh/s7 days2 weeks231.31%[email protected]3.12Orphan
24359263 months ago172.23 kh/s28 hours19 hours69.15%[email protected]4.09Confirmed
24350073 months ago178.96 kh/s33 hours19 hours56.98%[email protected]5.08Confirmed
24341613 months ago138.64 kh/s33 hours25 hours75.82%[email protected]3.91Confirmed
24330533 months ago127.17 kh/s34 hours8 hours26.29%!! [email protected]3.63Confirmed
24326793 months ago111.72 kh/s24 hours5 weeks3984.81%[email protected]2.33Confirmed
23874824 months ago415.84 kh/s10 hours43 mins7.12%!!! [email protected]3.57Orphan
23874604 months ago454.26 kh/s14 hours3 weeks3919.21%[email protected]5.47Confirmed
23611905 months ago19.29 kh/s6 days33 hours22.70%!! [email protected]2.4Confirmed
23596005 months ago208.01 kh/s22 hours7 days867.95%[email protected]3.85Confirmed
23505805 months ago10.46 kh/s10 days13 days127.38%[email protected]2.2Confirmed
23355656 months ago275.06 kh/s9 hours16 hours170.23%[email protected]2.19Confirmed
23348556 months ago716.92 kh/s12 hours15 hours125.76%[email protected]7.44Confirmed
23340946 months ago320.68 kh/s12 hours3 hours23.35%!! [email protected]3.49Confirmed
23339406 months ago366.46 kh/s6 hours10 days3776.80%[email protected]2.06Confirmed
23222656 months ago62.67 kh/s2 days10 hours17.93%!! [email protected]3.15Confirmed
23217346 months ago105.36 kh/s34 hours6 days451.09%[email protected]3.04Confirmed
23146166 months ago399.2 kh/s9 hours22 hours229.50%[email protected]3.26Confirmed
23135426 months ago219.95 kh/s44 hours30 hours69.52%[email protected]8.12Confirmed
23122046 months ago251.99 kh/s15 hours7 hours46.31% ![email protected]3.3Confirmed
23118827 months ago232.25 kh/s15 hours106 mins11.31%!! [email protected]3.06Orphan
23118117 months ago245.72 kh/s25 hours79 mins5.14%!!! [email protected]5.29Confirmed
23117537 months ago247.36 kh/s5 hours37 hours666.27%[email protected]1.17Confirmed
23099647 months ago252.98 kh/s12 hours10 hours79.92%[email protected]2.67Orphan
23095337 months ago255.63 kh/s14 hours17 hours123.69%[email protected]3.07Confirmed
23087897 months ago342.77 kh/s15 hours21 hours132.05%[email protected]4.59Confirmed

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