RESQ Chain (RESQ) mining pool

This coin is not currently enabled for mining on MinerMore.

Important information about RESQ!

At some point in the past, the RESQ people forked their codebase to a completely new and incompatible chain, and did not notify their pool operators. I am taking this coin off the pool, and have shut down the stratum. Please withdraw your coins. You can swap them at for a limited time.
Pool Hash0h/s
Net Hash6.85 Mh/s
TTF80 mins
Block133090 (Difficulty: 0.38581773225009)
Connect-a x16s -o stratum+tcp:// -u <wallet>.worker -p x
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Symbol: RESQ

Recent RESQ Blocks

HeightWhenHashrateTTFRoundEffortFinderBlock DiffStatus
1225364 months ago55.6 Mh/s52 mins45 mins87.75%goat40.49Confirmed
1225184 months ago54.05 Mh/s78 mins46 mins59.32%goat59.55Confirmed
1225004 months ago55.93 Mh/s66 mins8 mins12.85%!! gebaili52.31Confirmed
1224974 months ago82.98 Mh/s49 mins97 mins195.80%gebaili57.92Confirmed
1224634 months ago227.61 Mh/s19 mins20 mins102.56%rus3262.09Confirmed
1224534 months ago253.69 Mh/s14 mins23 mins163.42%rus3251.54Confirmed
1224424 months ago271.24 Mh/s13 mins12 mins97.36%rus3250.32Confirmed
1224384 months ago234.29 Mh/s12 mins26 mins213.62%goat40.05Confirmed
1224244 months ago254.98 Mh/s12 mins12 mins101.66%rus3243.03Confirmed
1224204 months ago195.96 Mh/s18 mins10 mins59.13%rus3250.24Confirmed
1224174 months ago229.59 Mh/s20 mins18 mins90.61%rus3267.21Confirmed
1224144 months ago231.74 Mh/s16 mins25 mins150.45%rus3254.05Confirmed
1224054 months ago237.26 Mh/s16 mins10 mins59.31%rus3256.08Confirmed
1223964 months ago227.1 Mh/s13 mins13 mins103.92%rus3241.82Confirmed
1223914 months ago236.07 Mh/s15 mins27 mins177.35%rus3251.98Confirmed
1223834 months ago240.66 Mh/s16 mins32 mins195.17%rus3255.74Confirmed
1223734 months ago226.17 Mh/s16 mins70 secs6.90%!!! rus3253.5Confirmed
1223724 months ago249.13 Mh/s15 mins9 mins64.54%rus3252.88Confirmed
1223674 months ago255.57 Mh/s15 mins2 mins15.48%!! rus3255.35Confirmed
1223654 months ago255.63 Mh/s14 mins11 mins77.57%rus3251.5Confirmed
1223614 months ago232.93 Mh/s15 mins24 mins156.98%rus3251.35Confirmed
1223534 months ago196.09 Mh/s17 mins8 mins46.97% !rus3248.93Confirmed
1223484 months ago244.57 Mh/s12 mins49 secs6.51%!!! rus3242.9Confirmed
1223454 months ago233.28 Mh/s12 mins2 mins18.59%!! goat40.91Confirmed
1223444 months ago246.57 Mh/s12 mins2 mins21.53%!! rus3242.16Confirmed
1223434 months ago242.09 Mh/s12 mins28 mins227.00%rus3243.05Confirmed
1223344 months ago256.75 Mh/s13 mins6 mins44.85% !gebaili48.83Confirmed
1223324 months ago239.24 Mh/s14 mins37 mins255.34%rus3249.55Confirmed
1223174 months ago283.07 Mh/s11 mins3 mins32.23% !rus3243.76Confirmed
1223154 months ago252.13 Mh/s12 mins2 mins21.68%!! rus3244.15Confirmed
1223134 months ago208.28 Mh/s15 mins68 mins432.18%rus3246.27Confirmed
1222894 months ago233.43 Mh/s15 mins8 mins53.30%rus3250.27Confirmed
1222854 months ago226.65 Mh/s15 mins13 mins92.38%rus3247.76Confirmed
1222804 months ago244.24 Mh/s14 mins34 mins241.42%rus3248.09Confirmed
1222704 months ago250.66 Mh/s15 mins3 mins19.70%!! rus3254.53Confirmed
1222694 months ago239.46 Mh/s16 mins9 mins57.46%rus3256.13Confirmed
1222644 months ago232.79 Mh/s18 mins26 mins149.26%rus3258.54Confirmed
1222554 months ago240.07 Mh/s18 mins6 mins33.58% !rus3261.64Confirmed
1222514 months ago217.96 Mh/s18 mins11 mins64.02%rus3255.57Confirmed
1222494 months ago232.15 Mh/s17 mins9 mins56.58%gebaili55.94Confirmed
1222464 months ago261.8 Mh/s16 mins94 secs9.40%!!! rus3260.97Confirmed
1222454 months ago256.65 Mh/s15 mins5 secs0.53%!!! rus3256.2Confirmed
1222444 months ago253.51 Mh/s16 mins2 mins18.03%!! rus3258.29Confirmed
1222434 months ago247.35 Mh/s16 mins7 mins43.76% !rus3258.57Confirmed
1222384 months ago204.83 Mh/s19 mins13 mins69.19%rus3256.06Confirmed
1222304 months ago232.96 Mh/s15 mins13 mins89.23%rus3249.39Confirmed
1222284 months ago219.02 Mh/s15 mins19 mins128.01%rus3246.64Confirmed
1222204 months ago234.19 Mh/s16 mins35 mins208.37%goat55.4Confirmed
1222114 months ago269 Mh/s20 mins10 mins53.07%rus3277.46Confirmed
1222054 months ago210.34 Mh/s38 mins28 mins74.06%rus32112.15Confirmed

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