Pigeoncoin (PGN) mining pool

Pool Hash0h/s
Net Hash20.8 Gh/s
TTF4 mins
Block215419 (Difficulty: 311)
Connect-a x16s -o stratum+tcp://pool.minermore.com:4517 -u <wallet>.worker -p x
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24 Hour Pool Hash Rate for Pigeoncoin

Symbol: PGN
BTC: 0.00000002

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This is MinerMore 3.0! This new pool has been in development all summer long and was launched on Friday, September 28th. It is an entirely new pool, written from the ground up, and has a tremendous amount of new features. Where's the old stuff? We started over, so if you want to see your previous payouts from before this re-launch, you can still access the old pool website at mm2.minermore.com