Pexa (PEXA) mining pool

Delisting soon

In an effort to simplify the MinerMore operations, we are reducing the number of coins we offer for mining. Pexa will be delisted from MinerMore in early February, 2020. Please discontinue mining as soon as possible and set a withdraw address so you can get paid your earnings.

This coin is not currently enabled for mining on MinerMore.

Pool Hash0h/s
Net Hash10.11 Gh/s
TTF35 hours
Block304904 (Difficulty: 128)
Pool Fee:0%
Connect-a x16rv2 -o stratum+tcp:// -u <wallet>.worker -p x
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48 Hour Pool Hash Rate for Pexa

Recent PEXA Blocks

HeightWhenHashrateTTFRoundEffortFinderBlock DiffStatus
3044312 months ago238.36 Mh/s33 mins9 mins27.73%!! [email protected]111.52Confirmed
3044212 months ago240.73 Mh/s31 mins53 mins167.24%[email protected]107.5Confirmed
3043712 months ago248.26 Mh/s33 mins52 mins153.85%[email protected]117.9Confirmed
3043182 months ago234.66 Mh/s35 mins11 mins31.79% ![email protected]116.55Confirmed
3043032 months ago221.37 Mh/s36 mins4 mins13.41%!! [email protected]112.66Confirmed
3043012 months ago251.55 Mh/s32 mins38 mins118.49%[email protected]112.8Confirmed
3042692 months ago224.81 Mh/s36 mins25 mins69.88%[email protected]113.33Confirmed
3042432 months ago268.37 Mh/s28 mins17 mins62.92%[email protected]106.21Confirmed
3042272 months ago286.82 Mh/s26 mins4 mins17.49%!! [email protected]107.68Confirmed
3042202 months ago250.72 Mh/s29 mins52 secs2.91%!!! [email protected]104.16Confirmed
3042172 months ago243.94 Mh/s29 mins18 secs1.01%!!! [email protected]100.92Confirmed
3042152 months ago230.22 Mh/s30 mins2 mins7.18%!!! [email protected]98.57Confirmed
3042132 months ago222.4 Mh/s31 mins6 mins20.11%!! [email protected]99.41Confirmed
3042032 months ago235.21 Mh/s29 mins63 mins219.14%[email protected]95.87Confirmed
3041182 months ago234.59 Mh/s25 mins22 mins87.14%[email protected]84.54Confirmed
3040962 months ago256.66 Mh/s23 mins51 mins214.72%[email protected]85.33Confirmed
3040462 months ago228.72 Mh/s28 mins4 mins17.38%!! [email protected]89.83Confirmed
3040402 months ago250.09 Mh/s25 mins23 mins91.63%[email protected]89.74Confirmed
3040242 months ago295.68 Mh/s22 mins16 mins71.75%[email protected]94.33Confirmed
3040072 months ago269 Mh/s25 mins11 mins44.16% ![email protected]96.51Confirmed
3040012 months ago287.02 Mh/s25 mins43 mins174.29%[email protected]100.59Confirmed
3039612 months ago261.72 Mh/s28 mins4 mins17.42%!! [email protected]102.89Confirmed
3039582 months ago250.84 Mh/s28 mins13 mins47.24% ![email protected]101.41Confirmed
3039462 months ago297.66 Mh/s24 mins2 mins10.36%!! [email protected]101.08Confirmed
3039402 months ago293.71 Mh/s24 mins3 mins13.73%!! [email protected]99.64Confirmed
3039382 months ago288.66 Mh/s25 mins30 mins119.19%[email protected]103.01Confirmed
3039142 months ago275.62 Mh/s28 mins2 mins7.54%!!! [email protected]108.14Confirmed
3039092 months ago282.54 Mh/s27 mins26 mins96.98%[email protected]108.99Confirmed
3038862 months ago284.81 Mh/s27 mins6 mins22.35%!! [email protected]108.32Confirmed
3038772 months ago259.99 Mh/s29 mins48 mins163.58%[email protected]107.24Confirmed
3038302 months ago285.31 Mh/s26 mins28 mins108.44%[email protected]106.28Confirmed
3038012 months ago252.89 Mh/s29 mins22 mins77.81%[email protected]102.69Confirmed
3037802 months ago264.69 Mh/s28 mins27 mins95.25%[email protected]105.05Confirmed
3037542 months ago311.48 Mh/s23 mins7 mins30.50% ![email protected]104.16Confirmed
3037442 months ago249.1 Mh/s29 mins5 mins17.94%!! [email protected]101.88Confirmed
3037402 months ago250.12 Mh/s29 mins80 mins272.91%[email protected]102.61Confirmed
3036572 months ago281.1 Mh/s27 mins45 mins166.59%[email protected]108.33Confirmed
3036162 months ago249.95 Mh/s30 mins22 mins75.37%[email protected]105.66Confirmed
3035942 months ago270.53 Mh/s27 mins4 mins14.90%!! [email protected]104.84Confirmed
3035902 months ago273.23 Mh/s27 mins17 mins62.80%[email protected]104.14Confirmed
3035742 months ago289.27 Mh/s26 mins66 mins250.06%[email protected]107.1Confirmed
3034982 months ago259.5 Mh/s27 mins4 mins16.53%!! [email protected]97.96Confirmed
3034962 months ago285.83 Mh/s24 mins28 mins116.37%[email protected]98.81Confirmed
3034602 months ago266.08 Mh/s25 mins25 mins99.93%[email protected]94.37Confirmed
3034402 months ago275.31 Mh/s23 mins33 mins140.70%[email protected]90.3Confirmed
3033972 months ago266.04 Mh/s22 mins26 mins121.66%[email protected]82.07Confirmed
3033712 months ago311.24 Mh/s19 mins10 mins51.85%[email protected]86.25Confirmed
3033552 months ago289.31 Mh/s21 mins3 mins14.72%!! [email protected]85.59Confirmed
3033522 months ago278.96 Mh/s22 mins8 mins36.30% ![email protected]86.83Confirmed
3033402 months ago257.45 Mh/s24 mins19 mins82.63%[email protected]87.02Confirmed