Mynt (MYNT) mining pool

MinerMore is scheduled to be shut down on October 19th. Please move your rigs to a different pool, and if you have a balance of coins on this pool, please login and set a payout address so you can be paid. If you are mining to a regular wallet address, your payout will occur automatically. Thank you all for mining with MinerMore. It has been a pleasure to serve as your sysop these past few years.

Recent MYNT Blocks

HeightWhenHashrateTTFRoundEffortFinderBlock DiffStatus
12764015 months ago6.93 Mh/s59 secs27 secs45.76%[email protected]0.1Confirmed
12764005 months ago6.42 Mh/s64 secs2 secs3.13%[email protected]0.1Confirmed
12763995 months ago6.19 Mh/s65 secs16 secs24.62%[email protected]0.1Confirmed
12763985 months ago5.3 Mh/s76 secs54 secs71.05%[email protected]0.09Confirmed
12763945 months ago4.03 Mh/s98 secs25 secs25.51%[email protected]0.09Confirmed
12763925 months ago3.54 Mh/s112 secs48 secs42.86%[email protected]0.09Confirmed
12763875 months ago3.12 Mh/s2 mins13 secs10.48%[email protected]0.09Confirmed
12763865 months ago2.46 Mh/s2 mins79 secs50.00%[email protected]0.09Confirmed
12763825 months ago2.01 Mh/s3 mins20 secs10.47%[email protected]0.09Confirmed
12763795 months ago1.34 Mh/s4 mins24 secs8.57%[email protected]0.09Confirmed
12763765 months ago894.79 kh/s6 mins10 secs2.39%[email protected]0.09Confirmed
12763755 months ago34.89 kh/s2 hours2 hours97.46%[email protected]0.09Confirmed
12760955 months ago11.16 Mh/s60 secs91 secs151.67%[email protected]0.16Confirmed
12760945 months ago11.32 Mh/s58 secs28 secs48.28%[email protected]0.15Confirmed
12760935 months ago11.16 Mh/s59 secs9 secs15.25%[email protected]0.15Confirmed
12760925 months ago11.16 Mh/s59 secs59 secs100.00%[email protected]0.16Confirmed
12760915 months ago10.19 Mh/s65 secs23 secs35.38%[email protected]0.15Confirmed
12760905 months ago9.7 Mh/s68 secs6 secs8.82%[email protected]0.15Confirmed
12760895 months ago9.54 Mh/s68 secs3 mins302.94%[email protected]0.15Confirmed
12760855 months ago12.45 Mh/s53 secs3 mins362.26%[email protected]0.16Confirmed
12760815 months ago12.94 Mh/s52 secs2 mins342.31%[email protected]0.16Confirmed
12760765 months ago14.55 Mh/s46 secs29 secs63.04%[email protected]0.16Confirmed
12760745 months ago14.55 Mh/s46 secs61 secs132.61%[email protected]0.16Confirmed
12760715 months ago13.58 Mh/s49 secs2 mins244.90%[email protected]0.16Confirmed
12760675 months ago13.26 Mh/s50 secs17 secs34.00%[email protected]0.16Confirmed
12760665 months ago12.61 Mh/s52 secs68 secs130.77%[email protected]0.15Confirmed
12760635 months ago11.8 Mh/s55 secs52 secs94.55%[email protected]0.15Confirmed
12760615 months ago12.45 Mh/s52 secs63 secs121.15%[email protected]0.15Confirmed
12760595 months ago11.97 Mh/s54 secs46 secs85.19%[email protected]0.15Confirmed
12760575 months ago12.67 Mh/s51 secs42 secs82.35%[email protected]0.15Confirmed
12760545 months ago13.77 Mh/s46 secs3 secs6.52%[email protected]0.15Confirmed
12760535 months ago13.44 Mh/s47 secs13 secs27.66%[email protected]0.15Confirmed
12760525 months ago13.13 Mh/s48 secs62 secs129.17%[email protected]0.15Confirmed
12760515 months ago13.96 Mh/s45 secs118 secs262.22%[email protected]0.15Confirmed
12760465 months ago15.56 Mh/s41 secs102 secs248.78%[email protected]0.15Confirmed
12760435 months ago16.68 Mh/s38 secs2 mins328.95%[email protected]0.15Confirmed
12760415 months ago17.94 Mh/s36 secs66 secs183.33%[email protected]0.15Confirmed
12760405 months ago16.97 Mh/s38 secs58 secs152.63%[email protected]0.15Confirmed
12760395 months ago16.51 Mh/s39 secs7 secs17.95%[email protected]0.15Confirmed
12760385 months ago16.43 Mh/s38 secs21 secs55.26%[email protected]0.15Confirmed
12760365 months ago15.34 Mh/s41 secs32 secs78.05%[email protected]0.15Confirmed
12760345 months ago15.33 Mh/s41 secs7 secs17.07%[email protected]0.15Confirmed
12760335 months ago15.54 Mh/s40 secs81 secs202.50%[email protected]0.15Confirmed
12760295 months ago14.32 Mh/s43 secs32 secs74.42%[email protected]0.15Confirmed
12760275 months ago13.82 Mh/s45 secs16 secs35.56%[email protected]0.15Confirmed
12760265 months ago12.79 Mh/s48 secs6 secs12.50%[email protected]0.15Confirmed
12760255 months ago12.63 Mh/s49 secs77 secs157.14%[email protected]0.14Confirmed
12760225 months ago13.42 Mh/s45 secs12 secs26.67%[email protected]0.14Confirmed
12760215 months ago13.58 Mh/s45 secs6 secs13.33%[email protected]0.14Confirmed
12760205 months ago13.58 Mh/s45 secs32 secs71.11%[email protected]0.14Confirmed