Help the Homeless (HTH) mining pool

Pool Hash0h/s
Net Hash4.92 Gh/s
TTF16 mins
Block492071 (Difficulty: 73)
Connect-a x16r -o stratum+tcp:// -u <wallet>.worker -p x
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48 Hour Pool Hash Rate for Help the Homeless

Symbol: HTH
BTC: 0.00000001

Recent HTH Blocks

HeightWhenHashrateTTFRoundEffortFinderBlock DiffStatus
4869483 days ago7.54 Mh/s13 hours4 weeks5790.62%[email protected]82.75Confirmed
4445545 weeks ago47.86 Mh/s83 mins81 mins97.92%[email protected]55.79Confirmed
4444795 weeks ago46.31 Mh/s100 mins2 hours167.83%[email protected]64.72Confirmed
4443195 weeks ago50.83 Mh/s104 mins5 hours326.37%[email protected]74.54Confirmed
4439845 weeks ago44.35 Mh/s2 hours2 hours119.58%[email protected]80.26Confirmed
4438425 weeks ago55.28 Mh/s88 mins48 mins55.14%[email protected]68.29Confirmed
4437985 weeks ago55.55 Mh/s61 mins33 mins54.81%[email protected]47.51Confirmed
4437635 weeks ago50.4 Mh/s91 mins32 mins35.93% ![email protected]64.12Confirmed
4437355 weeks ago93.22 Mh/s66 mins6 mins9.43%!!! [email protected]86.82Confirmed
4437115 weeks ago90.16 Mh/s54 mins80 mins148.53%[email protected]68.44Confirmed
4436605 weeks ago83.48 Mh/s72 mins7 secs0.16%!!! [email protected]85.08Confirmed
4436595 weeks ago87.22 Mh/s47 mins63 mins134.17%[email protected]57.78Confirmed
4435935 weeks ago93.69 Mh/s53 mins17 mins31.77% ![email protected]70.31Confirmed
4435805 weeks ago96.16 Mh/s42 mins76 mins181.16%[email protected]56.71Confirmed
4434955 weeks ago76.34 Mh/s32 mins3 hours589.90%[email protected]34.84Confirmed
4433245 weeks ago89.36 Mh/s47 mins110 mins230.12%[email protected]59.76Confirmed
4432205 weeks ago87.96 Mh/s113 mins42 mins37.04% ![email protected]140.05Confirmed
4431745 weeks ago89.68 Mh/s45 mins52 secs1.90%!!! [email protected]57.08Confirmed
4431705 weeks ago83.67 Mh/s56 mins32 mins56.87%[email protected]66.41Confirmed
4431445 weeks ago80.87 Mh/s65 mins19 mins30.18% ![email protected]74.5Confirmed
4431265 weeks ago90.38 Mh/s49 mins68 mins138.92%[email protected]62.02Confirmed
4430625 weeks ago101.05 Mh/s55 mins13 mins23.93%!! [email protected]78.95Confirmed
4430445 weeks ago89.59 Mh/s59 mins47 mins78.71%[email protected]74.99Confirmed
4430085 weeks ago99 Mh/s50 mins19 mins38.94% ![email protected]70.28Confirmed
4429875 weeks ago92.19 Mh/s89 mins52 mins58.54%[email protected]115.16Confirmed
4429315 weeks ago97.18 Mh/s79 mins2 hours161.41%[email protected]107.79Confirmed
4428025 weeks ago91.32 Mh/s63 mins45 mins71.75%[email protected]80.46Confirmed
4427725 weeks ago75.21 Mh/s91 mins5 mins6.43%!!! [email protected]96.48Confirmed
4427705 weeks ago78.53 Mh/s65 mins2 hours266.10%HC4mTZrzJaUADeN....noname[email protected]71.32Confirmed
4425915 weeks ago47.75 Mh/s2 hours2 hours87.87%[email protected]107.25Confirmed
4424605 weeks ago51.8 Mh/s81 mins23 mins28.64%!! [email protected]58.63Confirmed
4424365 weeks ago43.97 Mh/s96 mins26 mins27.46%!! [email protected]59.21Confirmed
4424105 weeks ago51.75 Mh/s79 mins82 mins103.73%[email protected]57.25Confirmed
4423305 weeks ago50.65 Mh/s85 mins85 mins100.72%[email protected]60.21Confirmed
4422525 weeks ago56.26 Mh/s66 mins11 mins17.20%!! [email protected]52.64Confirmed
4422495 weeks ago49.77 Mh/s2 hours97 mins72.46%[email protected]93.47Confirmed
4421515 weeks ago48.36 Mh/s73 mins3 hours264.57%[email protected]49.69Confirmed
4419735 weeks ago49.33 Mh/s108 mins4 hours229.82%[email protected]74.75Confirmed
4417345 weeks ago52.66 Mh/s81 mins58 mins72.49%[email protected]59.77Confirmed
4416645 weeks ago45.73 Mh/s101 mins48 mins48.34% ![email protected]64.63Confirmed
4416315 weeks ago45.16 Mh/s4 hours83 mins33.25% ![email protected]157.92Confirmed
4415525 weeks ago53.06 Mh/s106 mins40 mins37.55% ![email protected]79.2Confirmed
4415085 weeks ago45.11 Mh/s2 hours63 mins43.39% ![email protected]92.04Confirmed
4414525 weeks ago53.98 Mh/s84 mins3 hours213.94%[email protected]63.57Confirmed
4412745 weeks ago48.34 Mh/s86 mins12 mins14.89%!! [email protected]58.22Confirmed
4412645 weeks ago56.49 Mh/s64 mins51 mins79.37%[email protected]51.28Confirmed
4412205 weeks ago47.23 Mh/s2 hours80 mins55.08%[email protected]96.85Confirmed
4411385 weeks ago51.01 Mh/s3 hours4 hours150.31%[email protected]130.21Confirmed
4408845 weeks ago67.13 Mh/s116 mins11 mins9.66%!!! [email protected]109.54Confirmed
4408625 weeks ago52.72 Mh/s91 mins21 mins23.41%!! [email protected]67.56Confirmed

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