Help the Homeless (HTH) mining pool

Pool Hash13.85 Mh/s (1.45% of network)
Net Hash952.75 Mh/s
TTF95 mins
WorkersOne worker on one wallet
Block777887 (Difficulty: 18.486193446019)
Connect-a x16r -o stratum+tcp:// -u <wallet>.worker -p x
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48 Hour Pool Hash Rate for Help the Homeless

Recent HTH Blocks

HeightWhenHashrateTTFRoundEffortFinderBlock DiffStatus
77785627 mins ago11.49 Mh/s61 mins96 mins157.66%[email protected]9.87Immature (31)
7777662 hours ago11.65 Mh/s75 mins72 mins96.36%[email protected]12.28Immature (121)
7776973 hours ago11.39 Mh/s87 mins83 mins95.71%[email protected]13.86Immature (190)
7776164 hours ago11.38 Mh/s76 mins3 hours309.73%[email protected]12.23Immature (271)
7773978 hours ago11.34 Mh/s98 mins11 mins11.35%!! [email protected]15.66Confirmed
7773838 hours ago10.3 Mh/s113 mins108 mins96.18%[email protected]16.31Confirmed
77727510 hours ago9.58 Mh/s70 mins23 mins33.91% ![email protected]9.46Confirmed
77725311 hours ago27.78 Mh/s24 mins4 mins18.50%!! [email protected]9.55Confirmed
77724711 hours ago22.29 Mh/s30 mins36 mins121.28%[email protected]9.46Confirmed
77721311 hours ago17.14 Mh/s37 mins26 mins69.86%[email protected]9.1Confirmed
77718412 hours ago16.83 Mh/s35 mins28 mins81.56%[email protected]8.31Confirmed
77715912 hours ago17.33 Mh/s35 mins19 mins53.09%[email protected]8.67Confirmed
77714312 hours ago14.6 Mh/s43 mins20 mins47.13% ![email protected]8.77Confirmed
77712013 hours ago21.52 Mh/s37 mins16 mins43.97% ![email protected]11.3Confirmed
77711013 hours ago15.58 Mh/s46 mins6 mins14.07%!! [email protected]10.11Confirmed
77709913 hours ago15.77 Mh/s40 mins47 mins116.50%[email protected]9Confirmed
77705014 hours ago19.14 Mh/s30 mins4 mins16.55%!! [email protected]8.05Confirmed
77704714 hours ago18.69 Mh/s29 mins7 mins26.19%!! [email protected]7.61Confirmed
77704214 hours ago16.55 Mh/s39 mins36 mins93.06%[email protected]9.05Confirmed
77700515 hours ago15.58 Mh/s32 mins17 mins54.78%[email protected]7.1Confirmed
77698915 hours ago16.47 Mh/s37 mins3 mins10.13%!! [email protected]8.67Confirmed
77698715 hours ago16.93 Mh/s36 mins35 mins98.39%[email protected]8.55Confirmed
77695216 hours ago12.41 Mh/s54 mins51 secs1.56%!!! [email protected]9.44Confirmed
77695116 hours ago16.18 Mh/s47 mins84 mins177.16%[email protected]10.75Confirmed
77687217 hours ago16.98 Mh/s43 mins52 mins119.68%[email protected]10.43Confirmed
77682318 hours ago15.09 Mh/s41 mins73 mins176.85%[email protected]8.8Confirmed
77675119 hours ago17.5 Mh/s41 mins9 mins24.09%!! [email protected]10.11Confirmed
77674319 hours ago19.2 Mh/s31 mins20 mins65.88%[email protected]8.5Confirmed
77672120 hours ago15.85 Mh/s41 mins37 mins90.44%[email protected]9.11Confirmed
77668420 hours ago28.95 Mh/s27 mins41 mins154.38%[email protected]10.93Confirmed
77664821 hours ago40.56 Mh/s15 mins11 mins71.73%[email protected]8.89Confirmed
77663421 hours ago----[email protected]8.8Orphan
77660922 hours ago----[email protected]9.04Orphan
77659522 hours ago38.1 Mh/s15 mins22 mins151.21%[email protected]8.04Confirmed
77657322 hours ago33.79 Mh/s18 mins15 mins82.57%[email protected]8.58Confirmed
77655523 hours ago38.62 Mh/s14 mins7 mins52.45%[email protected]8.08Confirmed
77654823 hours ago22.94 Mh/s26 mins47 mins176.87%[email protected]8.59Confirmed
77650924 hours ago44.57 Mh/s18 mins20 mins106.60%[email protected]11.8Confirmed
77649124 hours ago40.73 Mh/s17 mins103 secs9.71%!!! [email protected]10.06Confirmed
77648924 hours ago3.48 Mh/s3 hours3 hours100.72%[email protected]9.36Confirmed
77630027 hours ago52.86 Mh/s11 mins18 secs2.71%!!! [email protected]8.18Confirmed
77629927 hours ago45.17 Mh/s12 mins21 mins164.81%[email protected]8.1Confirmed
77628028 hours ago53.98 Mh/s10 mins6 mins57.01%[email protected]8.08Confirmed
77627328 hours ago44.94 Mh/s10 mins97 secs15.95%!! [email protected]6.36Confirmed
77626828 hours ago39.92 Mh/s9 mins42 secs7.39%!!! [email protected]5.29Confirmed
77626528 hours ago36.85 Mh/s7 mins15 secs3.41%!!! [email protected]3.78Confirmed
77626328 hours ago33.78 Mh/s8 mins8 mins107.90%[email protected]3.78Confirmed
77625728 hours ago37.47 Mh/s9 mins64 secs10.76%!! [email protected]5.19Confirmed
77625628 hours ago37.22 Mh/s10 mins18 mins173.96%[email protected]5.43Confirmed
77623928 hours ago50.98 Mh/s7 mins67 secs14.69%!! [email protected]5.42Confirmed

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