Help the Homeless (HTH) mining pool

Delisting soon

In an effort to simplify the MinerMore operations, we are reducing the number of coins we offer for mining. Help the Homeless will be delisted from MinerMore in early February, 2020. Please discontinue mining as soon as possible and set a withdraw address so you can get paid your earnings.

This coin is not currently enabled for mining on MinerMore.

Pool Hash0h/s
Net Hash1.31 Gh/s
TTF101 mins
Block790757 (Difficulty: 21.771605875506)
Connect-a x16r -o stratum+tcp:// -u <wallet>.worker -p x
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48 Hour Pool Hash Rate for Help the Homeless

Recent HTH Blocks

HeightWhenHashrateTTFRoundEffortFinderBlock DiffStatus
7896982 months ago22.88 Mh/s25 mins4 mins17.50%!! [email protected]8.22Confirmed
7896952 months ago19.15 Mh/s28 mins33 mins119.33%[email protected]7.55Confirmed
7896702 months ago20.97 Mh/s39 mins48 secs2.02%!!! [email protected]11.63Confirmed
7896692 months ago19.57 Mh/s38 mins8 mins21.05%!! [email protected]10.5Confirmed
7896562 months ago1.56 Mh/s6 hours12 hours193.16%[email protected]8.63Confirmed
7889242 months ago24.45 Mh/s20 mins32 mins158.02%[email protected]7.03Confirmed
7888962 months ago25.79 Mh/s25 mins66 mins259.10%[email protected]9.24Confirmed
7888292 months ago22 Mh/s21 mins6 mins30.85% ![email protected]6.48Confirmed
7888202 months ago20.58 Mh/s24 mins9 mins37.52% ![email protected]6.99Confirmed
7888142 months ago22.96 Mh/s26 mins35 mins133.46%[email protected]8.57Confirmed
7887842 months ago23.26 Mh/s28 mins38 mins137.27%[email protected]9.13Confirmed
7887442 months ago28.82 Mh/s24 mins2 mins10.08%!! [email protected]10.06Confirmed
7887432 months ago28.82 Mh/s30 mins5 mins17.91%!! [email protected]12.29Confirmed
7887402 months ago25.75 Mh/s35 mins23 mins65.49%[email protected]12.91Confirmed
7887132 months ago22.58 Mh/s26 mins60 mins226.44%[email protected]8.41Confirmed
7886632 months ago26.12 Mh/s30 mins44 mins145.72%[email protected]11.09Confirmed
7886212 months ago19.3 Mh/s47 mins6 mins13.23%!! [email protected]12.81Confirmed
7886162 months ago23.63 Mh/s42 mins24 mins57.20%[email protected]14.18Confirmed
7885912 months ago28.91 Mh/s30 mins9 mins31.80% ![email protected]12.17Confirmed
7885802 months ago24.39 Mh/s25 mins21 mins84.70%[email protected]8.58Confirmed
7885602 months ago26.47 Mh/s31 mins52 mins165.58%[email protected]11.73Confirmed
7885102 months ago25.27 Mh/s29 mins34 mins115.75%[email protected]10.53Confirmed
7884702 months ago27.38 Mh/s15 mins2 mins18.41%!! [email protected]6.03Confirmed
7884662 months ago27.18 Mh/s17 mins68 mins391.12%[email protected]6.7Confirmed
7884062 months ago22.07 Mh/s26 mins9 mins36.79% ![email protected]8.03Confirmed
7883972 months ago24.37 Mh/s22 mins25 mins114.19%[email protected]7.72Confirmed
7883702 months ago25.22 Mh/s20 mins20 mins97.85%[email protected]7.37Confirmed
7883532 months ago26.94 Mh/s20 mins35 mins177.04%[email protected]7.6Confirmed
7883172 months ago21.23 Mh/s23 mins26 secs1.82%!!! [email protected]7.06Confirmed
7883162 months ago24.73 Mh/s21 mins41 mins196.70%[email protected]7.32Confirmed
7882792 months ago24 Mh/s20 mins12 mins60.54%[email protected]6.79Confirmed
7882652 months ago27.58 Mh/s21 mins29 mins137.68%[email protected]8.32Confirmed
7882332 months ago23.42 Mh/s19 mins41 mins216.70%[email protected]6.28Confirmed
7882012 months ago25.76 Mh/s31 mins16 mins52.29%[email protected]11.25Confirmed
7881782 months ago25.03 Mh/s21 mins50 mins232.75%[email protected]7.65Confirmed
7881372 months ago26.29 Mh/s20 mins18 mins87.45%[email protected]7.66Confirmed
7881172 months ago27.5 Mh/s16 mins1 sec0.10%!!! [email protected]6.18Confirmed
7881162 months ago26.69 Mh/s16 mins36 mins215.98%[email protected]6.22Confirmed
7880862 months ago26.32 Mh/s25 mins22 mins87.80%[email protected]9.35Confirmed
7880592 months ago24.08 Mh/s21 mins32 mins147.00%[email protected]7.38Confirmed
7880382 months ago30.64 Mh/s27 mins2 mins8.49%!!! [email protected]11.69Confirmed
7880342 months ago26 Mh/s25 mins12 mins49.31% ![email protected]9.17Confirmed
7880212 months ago29.15 Mh/s21 mins4 mins20.05%!! [email protected]8.84Confirmed
7880132 months ago24.9 Mh/s20 mins16 mins79.97%[email protected]7.01Confirmed
7879962 months ago26.66 Mh/s26 mins31 mins118.00%[email protected]9.98Confirmed
7879752 months ago30.72 Mh/s21 mins6 mins31.29% ![email protected]9.33Confirmed
7879632 months ago25.81 Mh/s23 mins28 mins119.62%[email protected]8.52Confirmed
7879322 months ago24.77 Mh/s20 mins48 mins237.18%[email protected]7.04Confirmed
7878902 months ago25.51 Mh/s34 mins23 mins70.10%[email protected]12.12Confirmed
7878722 months ago27.04 Mh/s27 mins14 mins53.16%[email protected]10.57Confirmed