Help the Homeless (HTH) mining pool

Pool Hash39.93 Mh/s (3.42% of network)
Net Hash1.17 Gh/s
TTF30 mins
WorkersOne worker on one wallet
Block720408 (Difficulty: 16.817540725771)
Connect-a x16r -o stratum+tcp:// -u <wallet>.worker -p x
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48 Hour Pool Hash Rate for Help the Homeless

Symbol: HTH
BTC: 0.00000001

Recent HTH Blocks

HeightWhenHashrateTTFRoundEffortFinderBlock DiffStatus
72039815 mins ago39.03 Mh/s41 mins21 mins52.29%[email protected]22.84Immature (11)
72037337 mins ago44.11 Mh/s24 mins23 mins95.66%[email protected]15.4Immature (36)
72035060 mins ago40.86 Mh/s24 mins26 mins110.63%[email protected]13.71Immature (59)
72032587 mins ago37.97 Mh/s27 mins53 mins195.10%[email protected]14.61Immature (84)
7202782 hours ago35.34 Mh/s45 mins26 mins57.34%[email protected]22.48Immature (131)
7202532 hours ago44.11 Mh/s30 mins4 mins14.52%!! [email protected]18.75Immature (156)
7202492 hours ago41.7 Mh/s33 mins38 mins115.65%[email protected]19.55Immature (160)
7202043 hours ago31.6 Mh/s18 mins4 mins22.83%!! [email protected]8.39Immature (205)
7201953 hours ago39.45 Mh/s15 mins83 mins523.08%[email protected]8.76Immature (214)
7201234 hours ago54.39 Mh/s16 mins38 mins238.64%[email protected]12.33Immature (286)
7200905 hours ago39.58 Mh/s28 mins77 mins266.57%[email protected]16.02Immature (319)
7200186 hours ago36.53 Mh/s36 mins37 mins103.37%[email protected]18.66Confirmed
7199817 hours ago43.21 Mh/s23 mins39 mins165.77%[email protected]14.3Confirmed
7199528 hours ago42.1 Mh/s49 mins2 mins5.92%!!! [email protected]28.82Confirmed
7199488 hours ago38.77 Mh/s46 mins14 mins30.67% ![email protected]25.41Confirmed
7199278 hours ago36.9 Mh/s26 mins42 mins160.43%[email protected]13.6Confirmed
7198869 hours ago----[email protected]14.1Orphan
7198429 hours ago38.69 Mh/s25 mins5 mins23.05%!! [email protected]13.76Confirmed
71983710 hours ago41.9 Mh/s29 mins24 mins83.36%[email protected]17.31Confirmed
71981410 hours ago29.1 Mh/s31 mins9 mins31.19% ![email protected]12.89Confirmed
71980610 hours ago44.56 Mh/s24 mins8 mins35.84% ![email protected]15.43Confirmed
71979710 hours ago35.77 Mh/s30 mins2 mins8.50%!!! [email protected]15.19Confirmed
71979510 hours ago40.03 Mh/s29 mins89 secs5.00%!!! [email protected]16.58Confirmed
71979410 hours ago39.32 Mh/s29 mins45 secs2.51%!!! [email protected]16.43Confirmed
71979310 hours ago38.78 Mh/s32 mins4 mins13.56%!! [email protected]17.53Confirmed
71979110 hours ago38.1 Mh/s38 mins29 mins77.32%[email protected]20.54Confirmed
71976211 hours ago39.32 Mh/s26 mins9 mins35.16% ![email protected]14.53Confirmed
71975011 hours ago37.71 Mh/s25 mins80 secs5.20%!!! [email protected]13.5Confirmed
71974911 hours ago39.35 Mh/s25 mins52 mins207.79%[email protected]13.76Confirmed
71969812 hours ago40.66 Mh/s22 mins36 mins159.91%[email protected]13.04Confirmed
71966313 hours ago36.39 Mh/s30 mins19 mins66.02%[email protected]15.39Confirmed
71964613 hours ago38.72 Mh/s18 mins112 mins617.14%[email protected]9.89Confirmed
71954115 hours ago38.36 Mh/s28 mins32 mins116.57%[email protected]15.09Confirmed
71950915 hours ago37.68 Mh/s34 mins12 mins36.45% ![email protected]18.37Confirmed
71949816 hours ago43.71 Mh/s30 mins51 mins171.00%[email protected]18.32Confirmed
71944816 hours ago38.46 Mh/s36 mins10 mins28.50%!! [email protected]19.58Confirmed
71944217 hours ago41.14 Mh/s45 mins51 mins113.04%[email protected]26.31Confirmed
71938317 hours ago35.27 Mh/s18 mins15 mins86.01%[email protected]9.11Confirmed
71936918 hours ago38.16 Mh/s22 mins10 mins44.37% ![email protected]12.16Confirmed
71936218 hours ago38.04 Mh/s26 mins12 mins49.24% ![email protected]13.98Confirmed
71935318 hours ago41.25 Mh/s30 mins58 mins192.04%[email protected]17.63Confirmed
71929719 hours ago40.94 Mh/s30 mins75 mins247.79%[email protected]17.46Confirmed
71922620 hours ago44.81 Mh/s25 mins6 mins27.07%!! [email protected]16.12Confirmed
71921520 hours ago37.68 Mh/s22 mins36 mins160.33%[email protected]12.1Confirmed
71918321 hours ago35.89 Mh/s33 mins16 mins49.50% ![email protected]16.87Confirmed
71916621 hours ago33.8 Mh/s26 mins26 mins98.33%[email protected]12.74Confirmed
71914022 hours ago41.12 Mh/s25 mins2 hours648.55%[email protected]14.83Confirmed
71898125 hours ago34.72 Mh/s30 mins22 mins75.01%[email protected]14.72Confirmed
71895725 hours ago38.85 Mh/s22 mins7 mins33.90% ![email protected]12.25Confirmed
71895025 hours ago39.41 Mh/s15 mins12 mins75.65%[email protected]8.79Confirmed

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