Help the Homeless (HTH) mining pool

Pool Hash0h/s
Net Hash944.04 Mh/s
TTF47 hours
WorkersOne worker on one wallet
Block573444 (Difficulty: 18.689930451503)
Connect-a x16r -o stratum+tcp:// -u <wallet>.worker -p x
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48 Hour Pool Hash Rate for Help the Homeless

Symbol: HTH
BTC: 0.00000001

Recent HTH Blocks

HeightWhenHashrateTTFRoundEffortFinderBlock DiffStatus
5730446 hours ago25.5 Mh/s58 mins15 mins26.22%!! [email protected]20.74Confirmed
5730387 hours ago19.44 Mh/s59 mins36 mins61.06%[email protected]16.12Confirmed
5730007 hours ago41.07 Mh/s21 mins48 mins229.57%[email protected]12.13Confirmed
5729498 hours ago39.41 Mh/s22 mins41 mins184.70%[email protected]12.3Confirmed
5729179 hours ago44.57 Mh/s32 mins9 mins28.24%!! [email protected]20.51Confirmed
5729049 hours ago45.04 Mh/s14 mins59 secs6.60%!!! [email protected]9.38Confirmed
5729019 hours ago43.08 Mh/s16 mins5 mins34.18% ![email protected]9.89Confirmed
5728929 hours ago37.91 Mh/s16 mins29 mins181.00%[email protected]8.65Confirmed
5728689 hours ago40.96 Mh/s7 mins45 secs10.02%!! [email protected]4.29Confirmed
5728649 hours ago39.75 Mh/s8 mins2 mins26.23%!! [email protected]4.91Confirmed
5728599 hours ago43.99 Mh/s9 mins2 hours1295.12%[email protected]5.88Confirmed
57275412 hours ago42.81 Mh/s23 mins38 mins166.98%[email protected]13.95Confirmed
57271812 hours ago42.54 Mh/s22 mins9 mins41.67% ![email protected]13.62Confirmed
57270612 hours ago47.23 Mh/s21 mins21 mins100.08%[email protected]14.24Confirmed
57269213 hours ago43.1 Mh/s35 mins76 mins211.40%[email protected]21.66Confirmed
57261614 hours ago39.83 Mh/s43 mins70 mins160.87%[email protected]24.22Confirmed
57255515 hours ago53.14 Mh/s27 mins11 mins43.16% ![email protected]20.18Confirmed
57254615 hours ago45.87 Mh/s40 mins51 mins127.70%[email protected]25.99Confirmed
57249716 hours ago6.55 Mh/s4 hours2 days1160.82%[email protected]23.24Confirmed
5696882 days ago18.72 Mh/s96 mins5 days8368.13%[email protected]25.11Confirmed
5620408 days ago2.79 Mh/s6 hours4 hours70.77%[email protected]14.49Confirmed
5617918 days ago1.07 Mh/s19 hours40 hours211.98%[email protected]17.17Confirmed
55948110 days ago9.76 Mh/s2 hours75 mins55.08%[email protected]18.8Confirmed
55940310 days ago0h/s[email protected]13.11Orphan
55933410 days ago12.39 Mh/s2 hours23 mins18.65%!! [email protected]21.79Confirmed
55931210 days ago9.44 Mh/s3 hours21 mins11.68%!! [email protected]24.82Confirmed
55928610 days ago10.72 Mh/s97 mins2 mins2.63%!!! [email protected]14.54Confirmed
55928310 days ago10.45 Mh/s98 mins3 hours235.61%[email protected]14.37Confirmed
55906310 days ago9.57 Mh/s2 hours48 mins33.97% ![email protected]19.26Confirmed
55901410 days ago9.68 Mh/s82 mins47 mins56.94%[email protected]11.21Confirmed
55897310 days ago15.94 Mh/s73 mins3 hours275.34%[email protected]16.44Confirmed
55878410 days ago8.57 Mh/s2 hours4 hours167.95%[email protected]19.06Confirmed
55852810 days ago8.71 Mh/s2 hours3 hours124.08%[email protected]21.12Confirmed
55832511 days ago9.88 Mh/s2 hours4 hours170.30%[email protected]20.77Confirmed
55807311 days ago10.11 Mh/s83 mins31 mins37.34% ![email protected]11.79Confirmed
55804211 days ago10.61 Mh/s75 mins103 mins137.57%[email protected]11.12Confirmed
55794611 days ago10.47 Mh/s86 mins114 mins132.31%[email protected]12.65Confirmed
55783511 days ago10.53 Mh/s84 mins87 mins104.01%[email protected]12.42Confirmed
55775711 days ago14.5 Mh/s75 mins34 mins45.97% ![email protected]15.39Confirmed
55772311 days ago19.25 Mh/s59 mins6 mins11.71%!! [email protected]15.96Confirmed
55771511 days ago15.48 Mh/s79 mins23 mins29.32%!! [email protected]17.22Confirmed
55769011 days ago11.1 Mh/s71 mins91 secs2.13%!!! [email protected]11.03Confirmed
55768911 days ago11.93 Mh/s65 mins66 mins100.46%[email protected]10.95Confirmed
55762911 days ago12.71 Mh/s97 mins18 mins19.43%!! [email protected]17.25Confirmed
55761811 days ago14.61 Mh/s110 mins32 mins29.15%!! [email protected]22.51Confirmed
55758311 days ago12.26 Mh/s92 mins95 mins102.63%[email protected]15.86Confirmed
55748811 days ago1.94 Mh/s8 hours8 hours94.06%[email protected]14.41Confirmed
55701711 days ago38.79 Mh/s25 mins3 mins13.52%!! [email protected]13.83Confirmed
55701011 days ago40.4 Mh/s19 mins4 mins24.51%!! [email protected]11.1Confirmed
55700611 days ago46.37 Mh/s15 mins11 mins74.92%[email protected]10.25Confirmed

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