Help the Homeless (HTH) mining pool

Pool Hash0h/s
Net Hash803.2 Mh/s
TTF9 mins
Block649754 (Difficulty: 17.824222173823)
Connect-a x16r -o stratum+tcp:// -u <wallet>.worker -p x
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48 Hour Pool Hash Rate for Help the Homeless

Symbol: HTH
BTC: 0.00000001

Recent HTH Blocks

HeightWhenHashrateTTFRoundEffortFinderBlock DiffStatus
64862119 hours ago1.32 Mh/s15 hours15 hours103.85%[email protected]16.83Confirmed
64771835 hours ago713.1 kh/s18 hours11 hours59.99%[email protected]11.14Confirmed
64708446 hours ago33.05 Mh/s42 mins18 mins43.38% ![email protected]19.82Confirmed
64705947 hours ago31.29 Mh/s32 mins47 mins147.24%[email protected]14Confirmed
64702147 hours ago31.89 Mh/s38 mins23 mins61.57%[email protected]17.15Confirmed
6469972 days ago45.58 Mh/s27 mins71 mins258.25%[email protected]17.57Confirmed
6469272 days ago60.44 Mh/s22 mins7 mins34.28% ![email protected]19.3Confirmed
6469232 days ago61.73 Mh/s26 mins23 mins87.93%[email protected]22.74Confirmed
6468972 days ago63.26 Mh/s16 mins77 mins472.53%[email protected]14.58Confirmed
6468242 days ago67.4 Mh/s16 mins30 mins186.86%[email protected]15.3Confirmed
6467932 days ago60.92 Mh/s16 mins11 mins67.75%[email protected]14.43Confirmed
6467812 days ago66.66 Mh/s16 mins3 mins20.83%!! [email protected]15.36Confirmed
6467792 days ago62.63 Mh/s16 mins8 mins53.21%[email protected]14.54Confirmed
6467642 days ago59.05 Mh/s12 mins23 secs3.16%!!! [email protected]10.03Confirmed
6467622 days ago60.35 Mh/s12 mins31 mins260.90%[email protected]10.32Confirmed
6467412 days ago60.12 Mh/s19 mins21 mins111.40%[email protected]16.34Confirmed
6467192 days ago52.73 Mh/s18 mins5 mins29.19%!! [email protected]13.34Confirmed
6467092 days ago57.71 Mh/s20 mins30 mins146.03%[email protected]16.76Confirmed
6466842 days ago61.13 Mh/s17 mins14 mins85.29%[email protected]14.53Confirmed
6466722 days ago66.17 Mh/s15 mins5 mins37.39% ![email protected]14.31Confirmed
6466662 days ago61.68 Mh/s14 mins21 mins145.83%[email protected]12.57Confirmed
6466452 days ago64.41 Mh/s17 mins22 mins129.94%[email protected]15.78Confirmed
6466172 days ago60.93 Mh/s16 mins4 mins29.12%!! [email protected]13.7Confirmed
6466142 days ago69.19 Mh/s16 mins11 mins72.49%[email protected]15.77Confirmed
6466102 days ago39.06 Mh/s46 mins21 mins46.64% ![email protected]25.28Confirmed
6465942 days ago29.5 Mh/s69 mins37 mins54.04%[email protected]28.5Confirmed
6465552 days ago0h/s[email protected]13.46Orphan
6464952 days ago68.62 Mh/s14 mins3 mins24.39%!! [email protected]13.77Confirmed
6464902 days ago66.63 Mh/s14 mins7 mins50.12%[email protected]13.03Confirmed
6464842 days ago58.93 Mh/s18 mins6 mins35.82% ![email protected]15.29Confirmed
6464782 days ago68.39 Mh/s16 mins5 mins32.51% ![email protected]15.39Confirmed
6464732 days ago64.27 Mh/s17 mins28 mins164.81%[email protected]15.61Confirmed
6464472 days ago81.72 Mh/s13 mins2 mins21.68%!! [email protected]15.63Confirmed
6464442 days ago70.48 Mh/s17 mins34 mins199.62%[email protected]17.1Confirmed
6464112 days ago64.64 Mh/s17 mins2 mins16.54%!! [email protected]15.48Confirmed
6464082 days ago66.02 Mh/s16 mins47 secs4.75%!!! [email protected]15.23Confirmed
6464072 days ago69.74 Mh/s15 mins7 mins47.21% ![email protected]15.42Confirmed
6464012 days ago74.07 Mh/s15 mins6 mins41.12% ![email protected]16.32Confirmed
6463942 days ago64.71 Mh/s17 mins28 mins163.06%[email protected]15.88Confirmed
6463682 days ago76.6 Mh/s15 mins19 mins128.34%[email protected]16.18Confirmed
6463502 days ago29.84 Mh/s41 mins34 mins82.90%[email protected]17.39Confirmed
6463142 days ago41.53 Mh/s27 mins54 mins198.05%[email protected]15.86Confirmed
6462612 days ago38.29 Mh/s23 mins22 mins96.67%[email protected]12.31Confirmed
6462382 days ago68.38 Mh/s14 mins50 mins347.14%[email protected]13.93Confirmed
6461982 days ago70.91 Mh/s23 mins22 mins99.35%[email protected]22.79Confirmed
6461772 days ago79.84 Mh/s18 mins3 mins18.46%!! [email protected]21.05Confirmed
6461752 days ago70.87 Mh/s18 mins75 secs6.58%!!! [email protected]18.8Confirmed
6461722 days ago66.52 Mh/s19 mins7 mins38.15% ![email protected]17.79Confirmed
6461612 days ago76.56 Mh/s12 mins59 secs7.61%!!! [email protected]13.83Confirmed
6461592 days ago75.92 Mh/s14 mins5 mins39.23% ![email protected]15.6Confirmed

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