Dinero (DIN) mining pool

Pool Hash0h/s
Net Hash412.4 Mh/s
TTF13 hours
Block239891 (Difficulty: 19.933321768803)
Connect-a neoscrypt -o stratum+tcp://pool.minermore.com:4529 -u <wallet>.worker -p x
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24 Hour Pool Hash Rate for Dinero

Symbol: DIN
BTC: 0.00000220

Recent DIN Blocks

HeightWhenHashrateTTFRoundEffortFinderBlock DiffStatus
2017756 weeks ago6.5 Mh/s33 mins17 mins52.98%traysi...2.99Confirmed
2017706 weeks ago7.8 Mh/s33 mins27 mins80.71%traysi...3.66Confirmed
2017556 weeks ago7.1 Mh/s39 mins19 mins49.38% !traysi...3.87Confirmed
2017356 weeks ago2.7 Mh/s71 mins3 hours260.39%traysi...2.69Confirmed
2016176 weeks ago998 kh/s3 hours93 mins40.29% !traysi...3.24Confirmed
2015576 weeks ago1 Mh/s4 hours81 mins33.68% !traysi...3.47Confirmed
2015116 weeks ago759.3 kh/s5 hours48 years7494718.79%traysi...3.62Confirmed

This is MinerMore 3.0! This new pool has been in development all summer long and was launched on Friday, September 28th. It is an entirely new pool, written from the ground up, and has a tremendous amount of new features. Where's the old stuff? We started over, so if you want to see your previous payouts from before this re-launch, you can still access the old pool website at mm2.minermore.com