ANONCoin (ANON) mining pool

Pool Hash1.7 k sol/s (0.9% of network)
Net Hash187.1 k sol/s
TTF18 hours
Workers9 workers on 4 wallets
Block22314 (Difficulty: 96,015,760)
Connectminer --algo 144_5 --pers AnonyPoW --server --user username.worker --pass x --port 4534

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24 Hour Pool Hash Rate for ANONCoin

Symbol: ANON
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BTC: 0.00008012
USD: $0.53

Recent ANON Blocks

HeightWhenHashrateTTFRoundEffortFinderBlock DiffStatus
2203447 hours ago2.1 kh/s13 hours21 hours152.91%traysi...13045.53Confirmed
219062 days ago1.9 kh/s14 hours28 hours195.88%TheEnmity...11886.59Confirmed
217434 days ago2.3 kh/s12 hours2 hours17.84%!! bluebird...12713.83Confirmed
217264 days ago2.4 kh/s10 hours9 mins1.57%!!! TheEnmity...11265.15Confirmed
217244 days ago2.3 kh/s11 hours6 hours56.75%traysi...11300.88Confirmed
216854 days ago2.3 kh/s10 hours8 hours78.98%TheEnmity...11022.36Confirmed
216384 days ago2.3 kh/s12 hours4 hours36.20% !snowwhite...12684.2Confirmed
216114 days ago1.9 kh/s20 hours3 hours18.32%!! TheEnmity...16718.69Confirmed
215985 days ago1.9 kh/s20 hours2 hours13.27%!! BiggieJohn...17023.69Confirmed
215785 days ago1.8 kh/s18 hours24 hours130.68%TheEnmity...15021.2Confirmed
214266 days ago2.2 kh/s13 hours105 mins12.90%!! TheEnmity...13368.16Confirmed
214126 days ago2.3 kh/s12 hours112 mins15.25%!! snowwhite...12265.15Confirmed
214006 days ago2.1 kh/s13 hours36 hours261.59%snowwhite...12609.92Confirmed
211817 days ago2.1 kh/s11 hours3 hours30.52% !TheEnmity...10927.68Confirmed
211628 days ago2.3 kh/s12 hours24 hours199.56%TheEnmity...12502.08Confirmed
210179 days ago2.8 kh/s9 hours5 hours53.78%traysi...12156.74Confirmed
209909 days ago2.9 kh/s10 hours7 hours66.74%traysi...13405.82Confirmed
209429 days ago2.8 kh/s10 hours17 hours157.17%traysi...13562.34Confirmed
2085110 days ago2.3 kh/s16 hours12 hours79.45%TheEnmity...16104.06Confirmed
2077010 days ago1.6 kh/s25 hours11 hours43.05% !TheEnmity...17817.69Confirmed
2071211 days ago1.5 kh/s31 hours90 mins4.79%!!! TheEnmity...20024.58Confirmed
2070411 days ago1.7 kh/s24 hours16 hours68.07%BiggieJohn...17946.11Confirmed
2060112 days ago1.6 kh/s25 hours24 hours93.56%TheEnmity...18173.6Confirmed
2045513 days ago1.1 kh/s38 hours2 days133.07%TheEnmity...18808.94Confirmed
201582 weeks ago1.4 kh/s31 hours10 hours35.04% !traysi...18517.79Confirmed
200772 weeks ago2 kh/s15 hours11 hours75.39%traysi...13419.51Confirmed
200212 weeks ago1.5 kh/s24 hours38 hours156.67%traysi...16510.91Confirmed
197862 weeks ago852.4h/s38 hours24 hours62.51%TheEnmity...14381.41Confirmed

Top ANONCoin Workers

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This is MinerMore 3.0! This new pool has been in development all summer long and was launched on Friday, September 28th. It is an entirely new pool, written from the ground up, and has a tremendous amount of new features. Where's the old stuff? We started over, so if you want to see your previous payouts from before this re-launch, you can still access the old pool website at