ANONCoin (ANON) mining pool

Delisting soon

In an effort to simplify the MinerMore operations, we are reducing the number of coins we offer for mining. ANONCoin will be delisted from MinerMore in early February, 2020. Please discontinue mining as soon as possible and set a withdraw address so you can get paid your earnings.

This coin is not currently enabled for mining on MinerMore.

Pool Hash0 sol/s
Net Hash2.45 k sol/s
TTF3 mins
Block121078 (Difficulty: 376,284)
Connectewbf --algo 192_7 --pers AnonyPoW --server --user <wallet>.worker --pass x --port 4534

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48 Hour Pool Hash Rate for ANONCoin

Recent ANON Blocks

HeightWhenHashrateTTFRoundEffortFinderBlock DiffStatus
1208984 weeks ago8.32h/s14 hours2 hours18.61%!! [email protected]53.39Confirmed
1208244 weeks ago8.13h/s12 hours11 hours88.36%[email protected]45.26Confirmed
1205664 weeks ago8.24h/s14 hours4 hours32.94% ![email protected]53.23Confirmed
1204394 weeks ago7.19h/s14 hours2 hours19.48%!! [email protected]45.83Orphan
1203724 weeks ago12.03h/s8 hours6 hours80.56%[email protected]44.67Confirmed
1202164 weeks ago12.98h/s8 hours7 hours86.24%[email protected]47.12Confirmed
1200444 weeks ago13.28h/s7 hours6 hours77.50%[email protected]46.49Confirmed
1199014 weeks ago13.3h/s8 hours51 mins10.09%!! [email protected]49.9Confirmed
1198804 weeks ago12.69h/s9 hours8 hours88.55%[email protected]50.42Confirmed
1196854 weeks ago12.74h/s8 hours11 hours134.98%[email protected]47.81Confirmed
1194154 weeks ago13.39h/s8 hours13 hours150.96%[email protected]52.22Confirmed
1190894 weeks ago14.76h/s7 hours55 mins12.69%!! [email protected]47.61Confirmed
1190704 weeks ago12.63h/s9 hours24 hours265.89%[email protected]50.11Confirmed
1185034 weeks ago58.73h/s101 mins8 hours481.64%[email protected]43.65Confirmed
1183414 weeks ago165.94h/s59 mins27 mins46.43% ![email protected]72.35Confirmed
1183334 weeks ago153.27h/s67 mins87 mins129.40%[email protected]75.74Confirmed
1182864 weeks ago153.85h/s54 mins78 mins141.92%[email protected]61.97Confirmed
1182444 weeks ago161.08h/s43 mins75 mins172.27%[email protected]51.57Confirmed
1182194 weeks ago151.78h/s49 mins100 mins203.98%[email protected]54.94Confirmed
1181764 weeks ago150.75h/s48 mins2 hours358.85%[email protected]53.26Confirmed
1181014 weeks ago182.17h/s35 mins4 mins12.42%!! [email protected]47.81Confirmed
1180994 weeks ago151.19h/s43 mins83 mins192.50%[email protected]47.76Confirmed
1180734 weeks ago154h/s48 mins4 mins10.21%!! [email protected]54.31Confirmed
1180714 weeks ago118.32h/s61 mins78 mins127.15%[email protected]53.57Confirmed
1180394 weeks ago59.33h/s2 hours2 hours114.14%[email protected]52.9Confirmed
1179834 weeks ago64.6h/s111 mins43 mins39.20% ![email protected]52.85Confirmed
1179684 weeks ago60.24h/s2 hours45 mins36.00% ![email protected]56.12Confirmed
1179504 weeks ago58.83h/s2 hours68 mins54.10%[email protected]54.94Confirmed
1179244 weeks ago63.95h/s2 hours5 hours250.98%[email protected]56.92Confirmed
1177954 weeks ago58.49h/s114 mins2 hours117.27%[email protected]49.08Confirmed
1177415 weeks ago59.78h/s108 mins4 hours244.24%[email protected]47.54Confirmed
1176355 weeks ago54.49h/s2 hours110 secs1.53%!!! [email protected]47.91Confirmed
1176335 weeks ago61.57h/s106 mins78 mins73.31%[email protected]48.16Confirmed
1176105 weeks ago59.28h/s2 hours69 mins56.76%[email protected]53.23Confirmed
1175775 weeks ago66.08h/s101 mins30 mins30.18% ![email protected]49.13Confirmed
1175665 weeks ago54.14h/s2 hours30 mins24.30%!! [email protected]49.81Confirmed
1175545 weeks ago53.67h/s2 hours36 mins27.37%!! [email protected]52.26Confirmed
1175425 weeks ago61.51h/s118 mins26 mins22.09%!! [email protected]53.43Confirmed
1175325 weeks ago62.29h/s115 mins24 mins21.09%!! [email protected]52.74Confirmed
1175265 weeks ago60.74h/s2 hours2 hours109.88%[email protected]57.85Confirmed
1174625 weeks ago61.67h/s112 mins113 mins100.90%[email protected]50.78Confirmed
1174025 weeks ago61.68h/s88 mins5 hours349.62%[email protected]40.1Confirmed
1172875 weeks ago61.17h/s103 mins98 mins94.66%[email protected]46.56Confirmed
1172515 weeks ago58.89h/s113 mins5 hours264.60%[email protected]48.96Confirmed
1171345 weeks ago59.94h/s114 mins40 mins35.25% ![email protected]50.32Confirmed
1171185 weeks ago115.41h/s60 mins24 mins41.14% ![email protected]51.28Confirmed
1171065 weeks ago386.78h/s17 mins5 mins33.59% ![email protected]48.66Confirmed
1171015 weeks ago381.32h/s16 mins52 mins313.18%[email protected]47Confirmed
1170855 weeks ago489.45h/s14 mins15 mins108.29%[email protected]52.65Confirmed
1170775 weeks ago418.21h/s16 mins62 mins389.19%[email protected]49.14Confirmed

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