How to mine UFOcoin on a Windows 10 machine

You first need a UFO address to mine to. You can get one from the UFO discord by going to the #botspam channel and typing ".deposit". You can also make a nice secure web wallet at

Once you have a UFO address, you need to download the miner software at

I recommend the cuda 8.0 release as it seems to work easiest with default Windows 10 and nvidia drivers.

Extract the downloaded zipfile to a folder on your desktop. Open the folder and rename the sampleconfig file to minermore.conf

Edit minermore.conf in notepad. It should look like below:


Change "ADDRESS" to your UFO wallet address. You can change the word worker to the name of your rig. This is especially helpful if you have multiple machines running because the MinerMore website will track different rigs that mine to the same address.

Now in that same folder, create a new file called run.bat and edit it in notepad.

@echo off
ccminer -c minermore.conf

Now you can double click the bat file to cause it to run, and it should open a cmd prompt and start mining right away. You will see lines that end with green "yay!!!" messages. If you see those, then you are done!

Advanced tips: Download and install MSI Afterburner 4.5.0 to play with your power settings and clock speeds. Adjust power down and see if it affects your hashrate. Sometimes you can push the power down quite a bit without sacrificing much hashrate. My recommended settings are:

Power limit: 60
Temp limit: 90
Core Clock: +100
Memory Clock: +200

While you are mining, go to the MinerMore website and paste your wallet address into the search box on the top-left of the screen. You will see a dashboard of your mining hashrate, earnings and all kinds of other interesting things.