Mining and Handling Earnings

You may have noticed that MinerMore is a little different than most other pools. We built this pool from the ground up, and while we've made it simple and easy to use, there are a few advanced features that are worth talking about.

You can mine to a regular wallet address, just like any other pool. If you do this, then payouts will occur promptly and automatically, and there's nothing else you have to do.

Advanced users and consistent MinerMore miners, on the other hand, can create an account on the website. They choose a username, set a password, and log in. Then when they setup their mining rigs to mine, instead of using their wallet address, they use their MinerMore username as the mining address.

When miners do this, they don't have to have a wallet address to mine any coin here. They simply use their username for all coins, and then they start to accrue a balance of coins on the pool. This balance stays there until they either withdraw it directly with an on-demand payout, or they setup an auto-withdraw to an address they give.

When a brand new coin is released, and you don't have the wallet ready, so you can't make an address? No problem. Mine to your username, and figure out later what to do with the coins you earn. You can withdraw directly to an exchange account, for example, and sell those coins without ever having them in your own wallet. Spending funds directly out of your pool balance is easy to do.

Once you are logged in with your username and have mined some coins, click on "Your Dashboard" over in the left-hand menu. That will show you all the coins you have a balance on. Each coin has a withdraw icon - click on that in your dashboard to be taken to a page where you can manage the payouts for that coin.

If you have additional questions, feel free to come discuss with us in our discord channel.