Workers for richrama

CoinWorkerStartedPassword5 Min30 Min1 Hour3 Hour24 Hour
RitocoinSIXRIG0123 hoursx60.22 Mh/s60.19 Mh/s64.13 Mh/s61.74 Mh/s-
RitocoinSIXRIG025 minsx147.17 Mh/s----
SafeCointestbox0120 hoursx34.52h/s35.63h/s33.94h/s35.14h/s-
Vidulumtestbox0119 hoursx37.8h/s31.69h/s33.41h/s34.1h/s-
SovcoinTESTBOX0118 hoursc=SOV28.28 Mh/s28.7 Mh/s31.03 Mh/s28.82 Mh/s-

Important information

This is a real time live report for active workers only. If a worker disconnects from the pool, it will be dropped from this report. Historical averages are only valid for the length of time that each worker was present. For example, your 24 hour report will only be available once a worker has remained connected for that length of time.

This page does not auto-refresh.