Spenster's dashboard

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CoinWorkersImmatureConfirmedBalanceQueued for sendPaid out
Ravencoin15.21797709 RVN0.00000000 RVN2389.97992600 RVN0.00000000 RVN26485.00000000 RVN
Sovcoin00.00000000 SOV0.00000000 SOV3943.08163590 SOV0.00000000 SOV1600.00000000 SOV
SUQA00.00000000 SUQA0.00000000 SUQA0.14655183 SUQA0.00000000 SUQA0.00000000 SUQA
Hydra00.00000000 HYDR0.00000000 HYDR565.74007347 HYDR0.00000000 HYDR0.00000000 HYDR
Vidulum00.00000000 VDL0.00000000 VDL11.23940419 VDL0.00000000 VDL0.00000000 VDL

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